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Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam Halts Concert to Stop Woman Being Sexually Harassed (NBC News, January 17th 2017)

Disneyland for Gun Lovers: Inside the Notorious Darra Adam Khel Arms Market (NBC News, January 15th 2017)

Pakistan Says It Has Tested Its First Sub-Launched Nuclear-Capable Missile (NBC News, January 9th 2017)

Pakistan International Airlines Crash Kills 48 (NBC News, December 7th 2016)

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Suicide Bombing at Muslim Shrine in Pakistan (NBC News, November 12th 2016)

Why Pakistan Matters to the Next US President (Forbes, November 8th 2016)

The Bajwa Playbook (NewsLine, November 2016)

Money Can’t Buy You Love (The Hill, October 19th 2016)

Baseball Takes Root in Cricket-Crazy Pakistan (NBC News, October 1st 2016)

India Strikes Pakistan: Why It’s ‘Very, Very Significant’ (NBC News, September 30th 2016)

India Says It Launched Strikes in Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir (NBC News, September 29th 2016)

Pokemon Go’ Tour in Karachi, Pakistan, Lets You Catch ‘Em All (NBC News, August 21st 2016)

ISIS Forces Pakistan and Iran to Forge Uneasy Partnership (NBC News, August 14th 2016)

Quetta Bombing: Dozens Killed in Attack Targeting Pakistan Hospital (NBC News, August 8th 2016)

Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistan Compound Could Become Kids’ Playground (NBC News, August 2nd 2016)

How Religious Extremists Thrive (The Washington Times, July 28th 2016)

Ex-Husband of U.K. Victim of ‘Honor Killing’ Turns Self Into Pakistan Police (NBC News, July 28th 2016)

Pakistan Police Probe U.K. Woman’s Alleged ‘Honor Killing’ (NBC News,  July 27th 2016)

Kashmir Separatists Turn to Facebook, WhatsApp in Fight Against India (NBC News, July 24th 2016)

Outspoken Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Strangled in ‘Honor Killing’: Police (NBC News, July 16th 2016)

Pakistan Poster Campaign: Calls for Martial Law Pop Up Across Country (NBC News, July 13th 2016)

Bangladesh Attack: U.S. Citizen Among 20 Foreigners Killed in Dhaka Restaurant (NBC News, July 2nd 2016)

Pakistan’s Trans Community Receives Help From Unlikeliest of Allies (NBC News, June 29th 2016)

Pakistan Mom Arrested After New Bride Found Burned, Strangled (NBC News, June 8th 2016)

Men Can ‘Lightly Beat’ Wives Who Refuse Sex: Religious Body (NBC News, May 29th 2016)

Pure Luck’ Ali Haider Gilani, Kidnapped Son of Ex-Pakistan PM, Freed: Source (NBC News, May 10th 2016)

London Mayoral Election: Khan, Goldsmith Captivate Pakistan (NBC News, May 6th 2016)

Gwadar Port Project Reveals China’s Regional Power Play (NBC News, May 2nd 2016)

McDonald’s Opens in Quetta, Pakistan — Taliban Isn’t Lovin’ It (NBC News, April 29th 2016)

Why It Feels Like a ‘Crime’ to Be Christian in Pakistan (NBC News, March 28th 2016)

Shahbaz Taseer, Kidnapped Son of Slain Pakistan Governor, Is Found (NBC News, March 8th 2016)

Helping the Bad Guys in Pakistan (Foreign Policy Association, February 3rd 2016)

Helping the Bad Guys in Pakistan (The Daily Caller, January 29th 2016)

Gunmen Storm Pakistan University, Shoot at Least 80: Official (NBC News, January 20th, 2016)

Hero Pakistan School Boy (NBC News, January 12th 2016)

U.S. Model Nargis Fakhri’s Cellphone Ad Has Pakistan Seeing Red (NBC News, December 21st 2015)

San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik Didn’t Stand Out Back in Pakistan (NBC News, December 6th 2015)

Pakistan Assists U.S. on San Bernardino Suspect Tashfeen Malik (NBC News, December 4th 2015)

HBO Comedy ‘The Brink’ Sparks Fury in U.S. Ally Pakistan (NBC News, November 28th 2015)

Pakistan Suffers First Loss of Female Air Force Pilot (NBC News, November 24th 2015)

Earthquake Shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India; Scores Killed (NBC News, October 27th 2015)

Taliban Makeover: Who’s Who Under New Militant Chief Mansour (NBC News, October 17th 2015)

#GirlsatDhabas: How Eating In Public Became a Thing in Pakistan (NBC News, October 4th 2015)

Ex-Balochistan Militants Recount Paths to War With Pakistan (NBC News, August 30th 2015)

Deradicalization of Taliban Centers (NBC News, August 1st 2015)

The Article Nobody Will Publish  (PAK Tea House, May 26th 2015)

Nepal Earthquake: Aid Workers Warn Of Desperate Chopper Shortage (NBC News, May 2nd 2015)

Nepal Earthquake: Pakistan Air Force Crew Caught in Aftershock (NBC News, April 28th 2015)

China-Pakistan Pacts Worth Billions Reveal Beijing’s Ambitions (NBC News, April 26th 2015)

Nepal: Experiencing the Aftermath (DAWN, January 12th 2015)

Christmas Is a Big Hit in Islamic Republic of Pakistan (NBC News, December 24th 2014)

Death ‘All Around Me’: Victims Relive Pakistan School Massacre ( NBC News, 16th December 2014)

A Rare Glimpse Inside Pakistan’s Anti-Taliban Operation in North Waziristan (NBC News, December 16th 2014)

These Women Are Bearing the Brunt of Pakistan’s ‘War on Terror’ (NBC News, November 2nd 2014)

Will Pakistan’s New ISI Chief Rizwan Akhtar Help Revamp U.S. Ties? (NBC News, 27th September 2014)

Who is Behind Pakistan’s Political Unrest? (Al Jazeera, 31st August 2014)

Pakistan Officials Say US Drone Strike Sabotaged Peace Talks with Taliban (NBC News, November 2nd 2013)

From Global Bad Boy to Regional Good Guy: Pakistan Overhauls its Image (NBC News, August 25th 2013)

Facebook Post Sparks Deadly Violence Against Ahmadis in Pakistan (NBC News, July 28th 2014)

Uzbek Jihadists Aided Karachi Airport Attack, Taliban Claims (NBC News, June 11th 2014)

Nuclear Neighbors: Pakistan Nervous About India’s Likely New Leader (NBC News, May 10th 2014)

Tortured, Slain, Not Silenced: Pakistan Journalists Under Siege (NBC News, April 30th 2014)

Taliban Commanders ‘Disappear’ in Lawless Karachi (NBC News, February 15th 2014)

Walking with Warriors: Dispatches from Waziristan (DAWN, December 22nd 2013)

Four Kings and the Wild Card (The Express Tribune, 2013)

The Cult of Kiyani (The Express Tribune, 2013)

Unfinished Business (The Express Tribune, November 30th 2013)

Drone Strike Aftermath: Militant ‘Kennedys’ Pose Bigger Threat Than Pakistani Taliban (NBC News, November 5th 2013)

Pakistan Bans Condom Ad Starring Controversial Actress (NBC News, July 24th 2013)

From Inside Parliament: Will Kiyani Get Another Extension? (Business Recorder, June 7th 2013)

(Aaj TV, 2013)

Analysis: Netting Pakistan vs Haqqani Network (The Express Tribune, September 8th 2012)

The New Spymaster (The Express Tribune, March 10th 2012)

Journalism Under Threat (The Express Tribune, February 14th 2012)

Coups and Consequences (Live Mint January 22nd 2012)Ikhtilaf

Mujhe Ikhtilaf Se ‘Ikhtilaf’ Hai (WordPress, July 22nd 2012)

Khaki Pie (The Friday Times, June 8th 2012)

Hello! Showcases the Glamorous Face of Pakistan (BBC, 4th April 2012)

DawnNews – Just Another Urdu News Channel (TV Nama, February 22nd 2012)

Pakistan, India Swap Lists of Nuclear Sites (CNN, January 1st 2012)The

Who’s Guarding the Guards? (The Friday Times, November 18th 2011)

A Generally Bellicose Society’s Antisocial Media: Reporting Murder & Debating God in a Nation at War (Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, November 2011)

From Harvard With Hate (The Express Tribune, June 28th 2011)

A Leadership Index (The Express Tribune, August 13th 2010)

Gangland (The Express Tribune, August 3rd 2010)

Deconstructing the Bill (DAWN, October 12th 2009)

Of Cricket and Other Demons (DAWN, September 27th 2009)

Honorary Mentions:

Wajahat Khan Nominated for News & Documentary Emmy Awards (HIP in Pakistan, September 21st 2016).

Zero Dark Thirty: The View from Pakistan (The Guardian, January 27th 2013)

Could Pakistan’s social media become a bastion of extremism? (DAWN, August 30th 2012)

What a 12-hour Twitter Ban Says About Pakistan’s Fractured Society (Huffington Post, 2010)