The Ultimate BBM Conversation (between two very angry Pakistanis)

The Time: 21.02hrs, Sep 1, hours after the Yaum-e-Ali bombings in Lahore and sniper attacks in Karachi

The Actors: Two Good Friends – one in Lahore, one in Karachi (lets call them LHR and KHI)

The Situation: KHI realizes that he needs to check on how his bud LHR is doing…after all the shootings in Karachi paled in comparison to the havoc in Lahore…

KHI: Hope all is well bud…

LHR: Yeah, thx, all well

KHI: Good stuff

KHI: 😦

KHI: But I’m still worried

LHR: Yea…time running out

KHI: That is the scariest shit I’ve heard all day…But you’re right

LHR: This country is plenty resilient man…but this is getting too much…it’s a non stop tsunami of depressing shit…

KHI: yup…

LHR: This govt is fuckd up but we cnt make them martyrs, nor can we have ganja brothers Sharifov stepping in…

KHI: Agreed…But when the fuck will the powers that be hit the tipping point dude…What the fuck are they waiting for…Eid?

LHR: Something’s gotta give…

KHI: I thought the floods would do it. In a weird, fucked up way I hoped the floods would cause it all to change now…

LHR: The powers that be are stuck knee deep in floods…literally…plus counterinsurgency…

KHI: That aint no fucking excuse…This army is trained to fight military AND political battles, simultaneously…so what are they waiting for…

LHR: If that happens, I just don’t know how sustainable and effective it will be though…

KHI: Yeah…so what do we do? Wait it out and let the “the answer to democracy is more democracy” bullshit/theorem kick in?

LHR: Dunno…That wont work…We aint got time…but ‘drop’ scene of some kind abt to happen…

KHI: Yup. Agreed. There is no clear way. Literally

LHR: Fucking joker in the pack is the CJP

KHI: Agreed.

LHR: The fucking problem is that this awaam will be voting in Bilawal’s grandson in 30 years time. Its messed up!

KHI: Unless you give them a 1984 style Orwellian treatment…a fucking big dose of brand new mega-nationalism

LHR: Can it work in this day and age?

KHI: Guess not

LHR: Jeez man Mush shd have Tianemenned the lawyer’s asses. Its been downhill since March 9

KHI: Yeah I sometimes wonder where Mush got his commando wings from!! Fucking Vermont? Fucking Maine?!

LHR: Hehe…Maybe Red Bull!

KHI: Hahaha…Good shit…

LHR: Talk later…

KHI: Later mate…


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate BBM Conversation (between two very angry Pakistanis)

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    • I wana add somthng. Punjab CM is talking crap on media as of rite now; all bs n trash. N just whr r u; wajahat? Hope all’s well? tc.

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