THIS JUST IN: “Confidential” Email Claiming Zardari’s “New Buy”

For those who obsessed with the  information business, I’m sure you’ve received one of these…

to Wajahat <>
date x August 2010 x:x
subject Note

“the source is considered reliable …. so far he has not given wrong news …….but one cannot be 100% certain

The media gossip in London and reverberating around the wire is that
the mystery buyer of 1 Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London could be non
other than Asif Ali Zardari. A whopping 140 million pounds was paid
for this vast brand new penthouse property in the heart of fashionable

Collection of the sale proceeds of Surrey Mansion and  participation in this auction and prior viewing was the main reason for his visit to London. The final bid was made by mobile phone from inside a bullet proof car parked outside the auction house.

This is a small reminder to the sick people in Pakistan, who were against the throwing of the shoe to a “Respected President of Pakistan abroad”!!!

They are purblind to the realities of the damage this man called Zardari has done to the nation.

Please read this assessment by Ayaz Amir. Declassify after checking your sources.”

*** This Message Has Been Sent Using BlackBerry Internet Service from Mobilink ***


4 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: “Confidential” Email Claiming Zardari’s “New Buy”

  1. Shame on Pakistani people. This man is looting and lundering the national resources and people are just watching his valued services to Democracy.

    Alas! the ppor and common man cannot do anything, while influentials are already booked and crooked with AAZ..

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  3. When we have chief Justice the like of Ifthekar Chaudhry, an opposition leader like slimy nawaz sharif then we certainly deserve a leader like zardari.

  4. Leader is a good reflection of the nation in general then why get surprised. Enjoy your elected president through idealised democracy. Sh. Saadi said, “Guraiz az tarze jamhoori ghulam e pukhta kar sho Keh az maghze do sad Khar fikar e insani namay ayad”

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