Flood Relief ’10: Read This – It Will Be Help Enough

Hey You

Thanks for visiting my blog. You’ll find a bit on almost everything under the sun (the Pakistani sun, that is) here. But don’t read anything political today. Just read this.

I am taking a step back from political commentary for a new initiative:  “Fight The Flood”

FTF is the only blog of its kind so far: it aims to focus Pakistan’s flood relief efforts on a single platform.

Why? Because there is confusion.

There so many individuals and organizations involved in the relief effort, and they are doing so much, that it has become increasingly difficult for a random, concerned person to decide where, how and when they can help.

With “Fight The Flood”, you can now choose from a wide and organized range of local, national and global

1) Relief Initiatives

2) Donor Forums, Directories and Addresses

3) Volunteer Positions

So all you have to do to do your bit is visit FTF, choose a cause, a donor agency, or a relief activity, and just do it!

I hope we can all get a little less political and little more charitable for the time being.

Thanks for reading this.


Wajahat S. Khan


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