JUST IN: Pak FM confirms contact w/ US for negotiating w/ Israel (Translated Transcript of Presser here)

– “There is no moral or legal basis for this action”
– “The flotilla was in international waters and the action looks like it was a against international law”
– “We are very concerned about Talat Hussein and his team”
– “I talked to TH’s wife earlier today and promised that we will raise this issue internationally”
– “We are raising this issue in embassies in Cairo, Ankara and Aman embassies”
– “Our first priority is to turn international opinion against this action and to stop further aggression from Israel, while ensuring the safety of Pakistani citizens”
– “I have been in touch with US Ambassador Anne Paterson and asked for US support to contact Tel Aviv and help with securing the three Pakistanis”
– “This is a critical and serious issue, and beyond religion. 300 peace activists from 40 countries were in international waters, trying to get through to starving and hungry Palestinians. In the eight ships, there were not just Muslim activists, but several citizens from several other countries”
– “We will also work with the Arab League for this, as well as the OIC.”
– “I think the OIC Secretary General should hold an emergency session so we can all move forward together on this”
– “I also think that the UN needs to get involved and needs to be approached.”
– “I have tried to get in touch with the Turkish Foreign Minister, but have not been able to do so as he is traveling.”
– “I am going to keep on trying to get in touch w/ the Turks, as they are a brother nation and am sure can help.”
– “As far as Pakistan’s position on Israel is concerned, it is clear. We stand by our official position on the Palestinian issue”
– “But our first priority, is to ensure the safety of the three Pakistanis”
– “Our ambassador in Ankara is in touch with Turkish authorities. I am in constant touch with”


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