Yet Another TV Debate w/ Fauzia Wahab (Oh, No!). But this Time w/ Khan. Guess Who Wins.

Part A – Opening Round:

Part B – Things Heat Up:

Part C – Closing Arguments:


8 thoughts on “Yet Another TV Debate w/ Fauzia Wahab (Oh, No!). But this Time w/ Khan. Guess Who Wins.

    • I did’nt. The program was recorded, and intelligentsia like yourself were duped into thinking it was live. Thanks for adding to the Pakistani economy by voting. Cheers.

      • Well my comment was before the final vote in the audience. BTW, I saw the program on youtube than on AAJ TV hence I couldnt vote.
        I personally feel that you could have done better than what you did. Your points like Mukhtaran Mai were not relevant as the case of Mukhtaran Mai was before the explosion of electronic media. In any case, her ordeal gave Pakistan more bad name than better.
        Who said I am part of the “intelligentsia”? Intelligentsia of our country doesn’t watch debates, they love mud slinging. All the best.

      • And another point, if you were in the program, you couldnt send the SMS. Off course, I knew the program was recorded as during the debate, references were made to events happened 3-4 weeks earlier.

  1. I think such debates involving higher government officials (one at a time), students/youths and media personnel should happen frequently. This may help creating a trust-bridge between government and the people.

  2. It was an excellent debate. I watched it via twitter where you shared the link.

    There’s a big bad side of the media. And despite that I intensely disagree to that bad side, I fully endorse your single yet overwhelming point of view here. You nicely conveyed that point when you said it’s been 62 years we’re an independent nation struggling to have better democracy. But it has been just few years the media has got freedom. Much to be done in regards with the media too. Time will improve many things InshaAllah. Let’s hope for the best 🙂

    Btw, your point on the PTV and its comparison with BBC — the state-run channel — was excellent too. Keep rocking, Wajahat!

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