I am an Ahmadi

I am an Ahmadi. There are four million of me in Pakistan. This Islamic Republic is the only state in the world which has officially declared me to to be a non-Muslim. Why? It’s simple. I am an Ahmadi.

Ordinances have been passed against me. Acts and Constitutional Amendments have been drafted around me. Shortly after the heart and soul of our nation was ripped into two, a country reeling to define and defend its own identity unleashed itself upon me. In 1974, a parliament I had voted for adopted a law that outlawed me.

The rest of you were given a different story. Unlike you, I was not a “a person who believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH”. But nobody really asked me what I  believed in. Why? Because I am different. Because I don’t matter. Because I am an Ahmadi.

A powerful man who killed another powerful man in the name of the law did worse to me. In 1984, the General of an Army I support, pay for and even serve under passed another law: now I could not call myself a Muslim at all, or even “pose as Muslim”.

You might have noted the affects of that yesterday. As my attackers unleashed their wrath, television networks I watch and love got the location of the bloodshed all wrong. What I call a mosque, they insisted on calling a “place of worship”. That’s alright, though. It’s not their fault. I’m used to the special treatment. After all, I am an Ahmadi.

But I wish things were different. I wish I was like you. I wish I was a Sunni, a Shia, a Punjabi, a Pakhtoon, a Baloch, a Sindhi, a Memon, a Gujrati, a Siraiki, a Makrani. If I was any of those, or even anyone else, I would have been called a martyr or “shaheed” in the papers today. My family would have liked that. They would have even written it on my grave, like you do for your loved ones. But all that doesn’t matter. It’s what comes after the grave that really matters. And in my case, I’ve been reassured by you that not much good awaits me there.

But you can’t blame me for wishing. I wish I could give you a hug this Eid. I wish I could say “Asalamalaikum” and “Eid Mubarak” to you as well. I wish I could read to you the history of my people and even have you sample my food.  But I can’t. That could cost me three years of prison time.

Finally, I also wish my attackers had chosen another date. For you, yesterday was a day to remember. After all, it was twelve years ago that you unleashed your might upon the world by reducing a mountain to ashes. You had invented the weapon to counter all weapons. Your detractors were scared, your enemies terrified. For causing yesterday’s incident to dampen your re-living that moment of pride, I apologize. Please accept my condolences.

But you don’t have to. You’ve got other things to do. Why waste your time with me? After all, I am an Ahmadi.

(A Disclaimer, Albeit Irrelevant: Khan is not an Ahmadi, rather a Pakistani, and proud one at that)


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  1. I am a Messenger for Peace!

    Greetings brethren & salutations fellow Christians of all denominations & hello to anyone who is of other religious faiths (that includes Judaism, Islamic, Wiccan) that receive this letter of my testimony & faith in good intention. My name is +Victor Michael Lashewitz. I am 39 years old. I will turn 40 in two months. Born 3/31/71 (Aries)! I have a unmarked body. Pray for me. For Once this letter goes viral on the internet my life will be in constant danger.

    My Holy Angels tell me millions will find the true Christ Jesus through this letter. That comprehension is beyond my level of imagination. I have traveled all over & I have also received one of the best educations in the world. I am not Elijah to come, the Messiah Jesus Christ, or one of the two witnesses.

    I speak as a Servant of the Heavenly Father who is God Most High. In this document you will learn why I want peace because is because I learned something about the Tree of Death (Enmity) and the relationship to a Hebrew custom/ ritual called Brit Milah (Hata Fat Dam Brit). This is the true Law of Moses.

    Please read all of this epistle. Just believe. I am not telling anyone to abideth in this or everything in this correspondence, your choice; not mine! Pray for Peace! I want it. I pray that Peace does come soon hoping that clarifies all the innuendos of this dictation of sorts.

    I do believe you will learn from the labor and research I have committed to this endeavor. Enlightenment is sought after when you seek wisdom and understanding.So do please enjoy the ideology/dogma & theology/mysticism in this letter! *MY* “two cents worth” …

    Whether everything in the Holy Bible presently is completely accurate or not to me *myself* is not important. But sadly many fight over these trysting *issues* everyday. My advice to all “is this”!! All you need to comprehend from these sacred texts “is to have LOVE one to another.” If you have love, then you find forgiveness on all … in truth, wisdom, understanding, patience, so forth. After this … you understand that in every religion the sources of sacred scriptures used from the Torah, the Holy Bible, The Koran, too the Texts of Buddha etc… is that every one defines the infinite eternal truth differently on Earth.

    Though you’re all unique being diverse beings. They’re noticeable differences in each of the hundreds of church denominations on the planet. Aswell as the few thousand different religions that exist here also. Each of these factions have different precepts & laws they take heed in & abide by. These added sources only make it harder to live & bring division amongst the separate factions of believers in God for he did say don’t add to his works given by my Servants to mankind by revelations from the Spirit of Truth or extra folly would come your way.People remove the hidden veils that blind you.

    We need only recognize The commandments of God & Jesus Christ. That is to obey the Ten Commandments of God & the two golden commandments Jesus Christ taught us. Which is love God with all your Heart & love your neighbor as they self. Don’t deliberately offend another for it will come back to you sevenfold. Also realize all Human Beings need to learn to get along, protect women from getting raped, protect children when we find they have been physically or sexually abused, take care of the orphaned, fatherless, the widower & most important issue to solve in the world is to cease wars & make peace treaties.

    They’re are things we need to learn about spirituality. People need to learn God has set up Universal Laws. God put them in place to make life fair for all. For example the Law of Cause & Affect & what you Sow you Reap also called karma are very important Universal Laws. Karma & Disciple are Aramaic words!

    Many fear the great unknown, many are afraid of dying because they doubt or don’t believe in the spirit world. Love unites us all. The real reason I believe each religion on Earth doesn’t have the full truth is because each one casts stones on other’s faith. We instead of embracing & learning from one another close doors without seeking knowledge & wisdom. Many Earthlings have become spiritually stagnant. We need to embrace love together as one entity for each of us is a part of the whole. If one transgresses we are all effected by that person’s choice somehow.

    You all that receive my investigated information written in this memo that walk in the same faith all believing in Jesus Christ. Whether you believe me or not or doubt anything one iota in this document. It is your God given right. I don’t expect many to comprehend much of why the reason this letter needs to be given out. Nor do I expect most to understand much of the contents of the text in each written paragraph especially the last subject written about in this letter anyway. I do ask that you accept the jargon of knowledge I put in this as being truthful. You do not have to believe anything about the research of my family name amalgamations or my beliefs of what titles I claim.

    We know our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Know our walks in services of giving charity, faith, & hope(The greatest of these being charity!) to others in need of clothing, food, running, water, medicine, & at times even shelters has not gone unnoticed by the Lord.

    We all have made sacrifices for the needy during times of distress on Earth. When we were called to service for the Lord. We became bright candle lights for all those that couldn’t find the light easily. God has not forgotten the works of the worthy. Neither has God forgotten those that cast inequity in their dimming candle light shadows.The Lord hopes these lost ones would seek out repentance.

    The hope your beloved guardian angels have is undivided love for their individual charge they have looked over from the beginning of existence. The angels of humanity have faith all would accept Jesus Christ as Lord & king believing he was hung on the cross as the symbol of our salvation & the shedding of his blood on Earth some call Gaia was to make clean those that wanted atonement for the remission of their particular sins against the commandments of God & Christ. We as Christians believe this to be true. The angels are sad when their charge sins & denies Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

    Take heed Earthlings for these signs listed below in the next paragraph will have to take place soon. Once these mysteries in the Heavens & the wonders on Earth do happen on this world to us the unforgettable & terrible day of the Lord will come to pass on this planet. Beware this day is fast approaching.

    Soaring in space a unnoticed comet will strike Earth in thirteen years or less splashing into two oceans & one continent. The governments of the world will first target this comet with a tactical nuclear device. This will cause this rock to break into three smaller fragments. More then likely at full size this comet would of destroyed all life on Earth. This will trigger a series of events that will unfold on Earth. Then massive Tsunamis will strike several coasts of the Indian & Pacific oceans resulting in devastation & much loss of human & sea life. Massive Volcanic eruptions will occur around the world when the comet crashes into Earth also causing many tremendous earthquakes all over the planets surface. & the volcanic ash will cover parts of the planet’s upped&r& atmosphere in a circle pattern of ash blanketing a third of the Earth from the Sun during daylight hours & a third of the Earth will be blanketed from the starlight & moonlight. There will be great loss of life but if this comet doesn’t strike Earth & these sequence of events don’t unravel, unfold, & come to pass taking place; life on Earth will parish.

    In nine years or less a great famine will strike the whole planet. Chem trails are going to be the cause of this worldwide famine. The pollutants coming from dozens of daily flights of airplanes around the world for over seven years now destroying the air we breath, the water we drink, & the soil we use to grow food, plants, trees, etc…. I believe Extra-Terrestrials might be behind this or fallen angels. I could be wrong. Maybe a secret faction of rich bureaucrats wanting to control the world too. The two main toxins coming from these planes is broken down aluminum & barium trace elements of Earth being sprayed in very large quantities.

    The New World Order has pigeon stools ready to take front stage once the great disappearance of people happens. Whether you believe in the rapture or not a great disappearance of religious people will still happen in the next ten years. Whether this is caused by man, ET’s, or God it will happen. During this time 144,000 Jewish Males will accept Jesus Christ as the Moshiach(Hebrew word that means Messiah!). A few entities will step on the world stage claiming to be able to solve the world crisis’s of famine & economics of the time ending suffering if they accept them as the truth. They will be able to clean water in large quantities. They will have seeds of foods & plants they claim will grow in the polluted land that they were the cause of. These seeds will be genetically bioengineered. These seeds will make the secret faction of humans, fallen angels, & extra-terrestrials very rich given them more reign & tighter control of Earth’s climate & human inhabitant’s very quickly. A computer chip will be offered to the citizens of the world. The rulers will preach making the elect & masses believe it is their for their protection because as time goes by their will still be no logical or scientific explanation for the great disappearance of many religious people. The world governments will unite. Israel the country will make a seven year peace treaty. They will start animal sacrifices again, also. The ones really in charge during this period on Earth will know what really happened to those that vanished mysteriously. It will be coined & labeled “The Great Disappearance”.

    We are all called together those that have pure hearts, those that are chosen, & those that are beheaded killed for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ to be the *BRIDE* after the seven year tribulation. All that are chosen each being one part of a assembly of God to be the whole Bride of Christ. The Earth’s is soon to prevail & start having birth pains ready to move to a higher vibration to be closer to God.

    & Lord Jesus Ekklesia (true Church/Greek word) is the body of Christ to help those called forth that need repentance for transgressions committed against the Ten Commandments (book of Exodus chapter 20!) of God and against the precepts of the Lord (book of Exodus chapter 16:28!).”And the LORD said unto Moses, How long refuse ye to keep my commandments and my laws?” & also those that do not heed that break the Golden Commandments taught by Jesus Christ recorded in a few verses scattered throughout the New Testament of the Holy Bible’s four Gospels. Which is to Love God with all your heart & to Love your neighbor like yourself.

    We therefore read particular scriptures of the Holy Bible New Testament passages in the Four books of the Gospels, book of Romans, & the book of Hebrews mainly & clearly are very precise like surgical incisions. They teach us that the tender mercy & justice of God is a gift called grace. Believing that the Lord Jesus Christ is the path that leads us to finding salvation in this realm by believing in his resurrection on the cross once you repent completely you will be numbered in his flock. Forgiving others & yourself cost nothing.It is expression of gratitude, love, & understanding. Once you learn to forgive another & not judge them you learn what an example of God’s glory, mercy, & grace is truly like. I would suggest also reading the Lost Books of the Bible and the Dead Sea scrolls. Bible means a set of letters or books. In Greek this word bible is called a Cannon. Scrolls were written on papyrus, leather or parchment. What was found on these sources was called archaic (which is a written message!).

    God’s gift of eternal grace was for all of humanity that existed on Earth to partake of before & till the time of Adam & Eve to accept freely. This was so before Adam & Eve fell from the grace of God hindering other human beings who also existed at that time by eating the forbidden fruit being deceived by a possessed entity blinded by Lust the Great Serpent Leviathan desired to bed with Eve though the Serpent had his own kind. He tricked & deceived Adam & Eve being a Wiley Spirit of deception. Grace of God now comes once you believed that the shedding of Lord Jesus Christ blood on the cross for the admission of guilt of one sins. & believe in the atonement of the cross being free of all crimes once each individual came to complete repentance believing the ultimate sacrifice of God’s son begotten on the cross for remission of sins.Believing Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross was to believe that the shedding of his blood cleansed you fully of one’s insinuations, crimes, sins, transgressions, inequities, & infirmities once those who fully came to realization & understanding repented wholeheartedly.

    My hope is that we all might find a way to forgive all we find fault with. We need to believe redemption comes from confessing are faults & doing then no more. & salvation also comes to a few precious individuals who have undying love & compassion for those in bondage.

    & God the Son’s resurrection was a light & beacon to save as much humanity(souls) as possible. For a few seed from birth learned early in age the savior was hung & nailed to the Cross shedding his blood for them & everyone. & those few they wouldn’t or didn’t render or waver to the dark side. & they certainly figured out to remain as spotless as they could during the course of their lives. They didn’t commit follies of evil actions on others, harm another’s feelings, do deeds of wickedness, or causing tragedies of injustice on in the world. These few starting at birth having a full life will be sanctified, saved, & given glorified crowns of light when passing on.

    Why is there a need for one to seek repentance during the course of one’s life? To answer that question seriously! You need to realize first there is a development in your environment’s surroundings when you do a assessment & self-analysis. Take a portrait of everything that is critical & meaningful. In this reflection instead of being happy you are sad. If there is little joy or no joy but only discomfort where there should be zest or passion & you see depression, sadness, desires, & or hurting in you or others don’t let these terms start to control you. It is time to step back & take a glance at your attitudes & moods.These examples of depression mentioned above can be felt by you, others or both parties involved. You usually don’t start looking for solutions to problems until a series of events in your life cause separation from reality when you notice things such as signs you show pain, sorrow, regrets, or you have crying spells or notice crying spells in another or other family members. Many times a spouse hurts the feelings of their partner(this includes boyfriend-girlfriend spats!). Reasons mentioned above can trigger family issues(such as mental, physical, infidelity, sexual, incest, sexual abuse on child(ren)), friends(verbal or physical fighting), cheating on spouse, work(stealing, embezzlement, not getting along with boss or fellow employees), finances(not enough funds, low salary) religion(doubting your faith, not sure if there is a God!), current events, the country you live in politics, your residence, education level(not smart or not enough funds to educate yourself) & your health. Any of these events I mentioned here as well as many other issues or situations I don’t mention. once you figure out how to remedy or rectify the cause of what is bothering you or you figure out what is bothering the ones that have a issue with you. Try to resolve the issue believe you can and do it. You need to stop do serious reflecting on how you treated others. Apologize & make restitution to those you offended hoping for peace & forgiveness praying that your peers, family, friends, & lover will not judge you believe you will get amnesty, be pardoned & find clemency. Remember you can’t change the past or relive times when you feel regrets because you missed out on opportunities.

    For the light you have inside to show One needs to take a deep look at how they treat others. To repent means you realize ceasing to work deceptions, stop lying, stopping accusing others & stop tempting others passions.

    Jesus Christ is are redeemer for his works & crucifixion which is a gift from God the Most High for He is the spotless lamb & is the reason why we have grace & the mercy of God for those that believeth on him. He is the Resurrection, the Way. the beacon ray of Light, & the truth. Jesus Christ is the joy of the Holy Spirit. For I follow the Lamb of God who is Jesus Christ the Savior, Redeemer, the Holy Word of God. I ask will you also believe & accept the authority of Jesus Christ. His blood that was shed on the face of Earth when his side was pierced while hanging on the cross. Once his blood was shed the atonement of mankind happened & God gave mankind a choice at that time. Follow Jesus Christ & receive salvation & be resurrected. Or follow the wiles of Samuel, Lilith, Satan & be swallowed up in the lava pits of Earth

    The Holy Spirit is that for which what the mysteries of God is for. The Heavenly Father sends forth the Holy Comforter the Spirit of Truth the Holy Spirit to watch over the progressions of wo/man and his/her dominions. Jesus Christ will soon come to the Earthly Messenger of the Covenant the mediator of Abraham’s old Covenant mentioned in parts of the Torah of God dictated by Moses & book of Jasher. Also the other messenger mentioned in book of Malachi chapter 3 of the Holy bible will soon appear on the scene. So rejoice & be glad God remembers the promise of the rainbow in the time of Noah.

    The Torah of Moses which Jesus Christ did away with all its precepts including animal sacrifices because He was the the perfect spotless sacrifice the Lamb of God for he is the beginning & the end. In Greek it is Alpha and Omega. This is a symbol for the end of the old age & the dawn of a new age. Since I believe & know I am the messenger of the covenant Lord Jesus Christ should & will soon come to my body again.

    Christians follow the Word of God who is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. Those that follow the ways of Jesus Christ is the way to see the Father God for Christ is the Truth. Christ Jesus wants us to preach the Gospels to all the Planet Earth giving sound report & sound testimony for report that the Savior mankind’s Redeemer from the beginning is also a sound testimony of all those that do walk in courage with me.

    For we knowing who the Lion from tribe of Judah is. His second coming is fast approaching our world. We know that he overcame the place of torment a beacon to those in fetters and chains of bondage were immediately released from their sentences in the depths of Earth. & Jesus Christ was also the light the pure light & joy of the Father & he gathered the lost that happened to be cast out into outer darkness. For we that are called to service for Jesus Christ to teach the sermons taught by Jesus in the four Gospels believing the four Gospels written in the New Testament of the Christian Bible is edified by guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    This is what is what the Devil Samuel did which was to think He could exalt himself over God the Father the Most High in the Highest Heaven. This entity is one of two-hundred angels that fell to Earth to cohabitate with women of man & teach abominations to HUMAN BEINGS TEACHING THEM PERVERTED WAYS OF GOD BY DIVIDING mankind into different sects of interpretations of God’s true Laws the Ten Commandments & he also subjects men & women to twisting man’s mind with different thoughts on prophecy of sacred scriptures of those that did prophesize once. Also Samuel is mentioned in the Book of Enoch. Also a third of the angels fell with Satan teaches men the natures of Homosexuality & women the nature of Lesbianism. she is also the demonic force that performs S.I.d.S on newborn infants. SIDS is a medical term for babies. It means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

    My family is from the tribe of Levi the high priest hood line of Aaron, and (ZADOK). (ZADOK’S) name means just or justified and Aaron’s name means teacher a lofty mountain of strength. I am a descendant from John the Baptist family on my Father’s Father’s side of my family Lineage. Very much older out of circulation translations of the Holy Bible scripture passages referred to John the Baptist as *John the one that Immerses (baptizes) you with knowledge* (which is what his real identity name was & his title back then was which what he as a person was referred to in name in Hebrew alphabet was spelled as John Lashahwit or in English alphabet was spelled John Lashewitz.

    *John the one that Immerses you with knowledge* of your transgressions & sins preaching & teaching you new knowledge called repentance for the submission of your guilt & taught you remission of your insinuations & sins which was to commit crimes against the Ten commandments or the two Golden Commandments Jesus Christ taught us to obey them breaking these rules no more. Usually when someone spoke his name aloud he was referred to as *John the one that immerses you with knowledge*. He usually submerged your complete body in water cleansing you soul & you rise up out of the water after being submerged preaching the knowledge referred to as repentance teaching the proper 10 commandments to his flock, John the one that baptizes with knowledge, John the one that immerses one with knowledge, and he was called John the one who is the immerser of knowledge. This is also what he his name was really referred to in biblical times…the times when Yeshua of Natherith walked the Earth.

    My last name is Hebrew and the first part of the two Hebrew words of my last name is “Lash ah” my last name is spelled using the English language alphabet now because we now reside with permanent residences in the United States. The name “Lash ah” also is a city East of the Dead Sea. “Lash ah” a Hebrew word and the first word of the two Hebrew words of my last name origins translated into English alphabet means “to Call” and if you look up this combination of words spelled together “to Call” in the English dictionary it means “to Christen.” & “to Christen” means to Baptize someone or sometimes the words “to Christen” is used as a symbolism to endeavor a solid object such as a Ship by smashing the bow of a Ship breaking a glass bottle of wine or champagne by smashing it on the bow of a Ship that is being launched. Usually a celebrity launches a ship in such mannerisms. It is a bad omen for a Ship if the glass bottle of wine doesn’t break when the Ship is launched.. My dad’s family last name Lashah refers to a city East of the Dead Sea and is mentioned in the book of Genesis chapter 10 verse 19 and has several spelling variations (Lashe, Lasha, Lashah!). Usually if your name was part of a city back in Biblical times you were considered a Prince lots of laughter. Six plain cities that were destroyed by the Holy Angels of God the Father mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible did not include the city of my family origins.

    John the Baptist took any person who thought they needed or was a believer that s/he was a sinner, insinuator, or transgressor of God’s commandments back then believing that each individual that came to Him did indeed do something offensive to another or broke a Law of God John the Immerser taught each individual that came to him what they needed to do in their lives to have resolution from their crimes that each individual He Baptized or Immersed was to abide in what John the Baptist counseling told each individual what S/He did that offended another or the Heavenly Father and the Holy Christ including what He believed was wrong also. He didn’t use Jesus Christ’s teaching on what you Sow you will also Reap eventually. This is a big reason why a fundamental Law of Karma called Cause and Effects teaches that you need to compensate those that you did something against another that was not a kind act. This is why Jesus said John the Baptist He Hath a Devil. He thought he could teach others right from wrong

    From the lineage of my family names I am ordained as a Priest of God by birth rite. My dad’s family last name Lashah refers to a city East of the Dead Sea six plain cities that were destroyed by the Holy Angels of God. I am a disciple, follower, and believer of the Lamb of God. He is mine and hopefully your King of Kings & Lord of Lords. In steadfast faith in Jesus Christ may peace follow you all that harken to the four Gospels of Messiah Jesus Christ. This letter of intention I wrote is written for the whole world. In full context taken nothing I say in it of contents of this letter I am sending out to all the religious communities the masses of the world is all I can truly hope for from each of thee. Hoping you will believe everything I wrote in this whole letter. You’re probably thinking why should I bother reading anymore of this at this point. I say that last remark being heavily burdened because of what I need others to learn from me what I scribed at the of this letter and have faith to believe that what is mentioned at the end of this letter is something the world needs to know because Jewish Rebbes their brightest scholars are perverting part of the old covenant between God and Abraham and the information in this document needs to be taught to the world. I am not telling anyone to do what is written in this memo but know I didn’t fabricate this weird ritual it has been around since the time of the Abraham and Sarah mentioned in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. What God the Father has given me insight to and taught to me and revealed to me by Holy Angels because you already more than likely have gathered a solid opinion justifying your own belief against me more than likely assuming and believing without guidance of the true Holy Spirit because of the subject header that I used to grab yours and all those I send this memo out to attentions with.

    Makes you automatically think I am claiming to be the prophet Moses reincarnated lots of laughter. Majority of Christians don’t believe in reincarnation because of one scripture passage of the Holy Bible that says one time it is called for wo/man to die then they’re to be under judgment.

    I am saying give me a chance to swim and catch a breath of air before you lay a unrighteous judgment on me. I will either float or sink according to your interpretation of scripture passages in the Holy Bible. But do not rely only on your own understanding either. Seek more counsel I ask of you to learn about this ancient custom mentioned in this memo. Please seek more understanding from others in the church assembly gatherings. The more understanding and insight you will ascertain for as to why I wrote this jargon and sent my written letter to the masses.

    I only ask that you pray for my spirit that cries out in bondage in return being also in the faith of the trinity. I am chained down by the inscriptions of the Torah because of the hardness of the Jews; me being one also. Use scripture of the Old and New Testaments if you like as references of anything I wrote in this document this letter. Regardless of what I wrote in this you have all ready gathered a opinion of me just by the subject header. Give me a chance I pray.

    This letter reveals why I am the true and real Messenger of the Covenant between Abraham and God the Father I am mentioned in Malachi chapter 3 verse 1. Read Hebrews chapter 8 and 9. It says God will make a new covenant with the people of Earth and that God will write the law and put it into wo/man kinds hearts.

    Look I am not a evil person for being the one who reminds humans beings on Earth while we are all free of the bondage of the Torah the Old Testament Laws because of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ on the cross. He is the reason we can do away with the old covenant the Torah which Moses wrote into existence because the Jewish people had hard hearts.

    We are all still to obey the real, true, and original Ten Commandments of God written in stone by the Almighty’s finger the Law of Moses because Jesus Christ taught us to still obey and honor them. Plus he gave us the two golden commandments also. which is to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself. We as a human race as a whole and in general each need to come to a self-realization even though we are each individuals we are all also part of the greater whole. Nor am a false prophet because of the subject matter I write about in the rest of this letter’s content in great detail. Neither am i listening to seducing spirits teaching me to give a false doctrine like many will believe and assume this letter’s design and intent is a fabrication because of what I say about incarnations of my spirit and the Holy Spirit’s revelations given to me about the circumcision of Moses though Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul say this has nothing to do with the cross’s salvation for the people of God’s Jesus Christ bride. The Apostle Paul clearly states not to pervert the circumcisions’ truth. so listen to me carefully. The mystery of the circumcision is all I am going to talk about. If you judge me whoa to you for the bondage God has burdened me with because of my once blind compassionate heart. I cared to much once. Now I realize I will do God’s Will which is part of his design & ultimate plan for mankind. What choice do I or you have.

    The reason people will accuse me of being a Servant of the Lawless one is because of what I am doing with the knowledge learnt by me the contents detailed inside of this written letter by me. The subject I am going to talk about in this written letter which is doing my best with the understanding the morsel I have been given by the grace of Godhead is to teach others the revelations I have been given concerning The Law of Moses Brit Milah which includes all male human beings having some understanding realize that we as a race also we need to know what the wisdom of circumcision of Moses is(Acts 15:1; Read Acts chapter 15 – though it is really just a yoke on the other Apostles at that time lots of laughter and a yoke on mankind now!). I am not joking either.

    I am a very sensitive caring loving person & wonderful human being once you get to know me. I don’t know how much of the Christian Bible is the truth anymore. I say this because not only should people pay attention to the sign of the times & realize the attentions of a sect of Lawless men secretly in control of the world working with either fallen angels or extra-terrestrials.

    People need to wake up spiritually. Be children of the Most High. Christians of different denominations & those of different religious beliefs. Stop bickering over minor faith technicalities like young children do. Please act responsible & unite. A divided people is easier to conquer. Realize that is exactly what Satan wants. His design anyway is to corrupt each individual, make the individual lawless, make the individual miserable that is not his, & destroy Earth if possible. & hope He can bring as many people as He can to condemnation (Hell!) with him & the rest of the fallen angels.

    If you do not believe in Satan, the fallen angels,demons, Hell, his dominions, his subjects or don’t believe in other dimensions or a belief that God exists that is even better for his design.

    He wants each person to suffer. For he knows his time is almost up. For it is easier to conquer those that argue over religious texts interpretations because of different belief systems. Example: a few believe you should be cremated & a few believe you should be buried thinking the other belief system will send you to Hell. Jesus Christ paid the price in full. Fear is a tactic Satan & dominions wants to instill in each of us. Don’t fear the unknown for God is always here for each individual. Yes we know God will win in the end. Know that right know Satan has been given subject and control of the powers and dominions of the world. He has not only controlled, blinded, & deceived the masses & the elect. He has also changed the words of the Holy Bible once the inspiration of Holy Spirit revelations and mysteries given to the Servants of Godhead over the centuries for the inhabitants of Earth. It is now warped & twisted words caused by the Great Deceiver.

    That is because The Holy Bible has been corrupted by man over the last several hundred years(1500 years to be exact!). I say this..those that had & still do have access or influence of the scriptures translation over the centuries have been seduced by these powers(greed, power, control, & demonic influences!). They’re now thousands of interpretations of the Holy Bible. It is sad that people of intellect keep adding, & changing selected words & passages in the once divine text. This includes the hundreds of modern translations of scripture passages of the once Sacred Holy Bible. I now do know the passages of scripture I use does still have some iota of relevance in the modern world today that I do choose to use as references because my Spirit Guides the Holy Angels sent by the Holy Spirit the Comforter mentioned by Jesus Christ tells me which scriptures passages that refer to era and age of Earth we are living in. omitting, It seems like many people are not even caring to pay attention to the sign of the times.

    For those that lay judgment on me without the counsel of Sophia/Doctor Love which is also the is the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit will suffer the wraith of God. You don’t understand. I hope you trust me and you also pass this information on or you will become a enemy of what God does not want of Earth anymore and that is the Spirit of Mastema aka Enmity. Yet this came from Adam & Eve eating/ -partaking the Forbidden fruit.

    Please pray for me and please read this letter completely before passing any judgment on me of any sort of condemnation. I would ask that you obey and honor the Ten Commandments and the Golden Commandments Jesus Christ showed us. Read the first few passages of Matthew chapter seven that Jesus taught us to abideth in. I ask you to practice those passages I just mentioned on me and not judge me and forgive me if this information I give you freely fails you & is not a sound testimony. They’re reasons that I have to pass on the information of Brit Milah (Hatafat Dam Brit!) and teach the world this ancient Hebrew custom many Jewish men of renown today call this bizarre ritual hogwash now and they are not obeying the full covenant of Abraham’s full ritual the reason for the two parts of the Jewish circumcision.

    The part of the Abraham’s covenant called Brit Milah is Hebrew and means the document of Moses and some actually call this hard to understand ritual the circumcision of Moses (taught to him by God the Father!). Those that have wisdom let them understand. that I have no choice but to do this. God will put anyone who disregards this adamant letter of wo/mankind into refinement (Malachi chapter 3!) knowing the reapers God Angels will judge you. know that the judgments placed on each of your individual souls, hearts, minds, and blood will be how your reason the knowledge of this letter. I have no inclination or clue as to what these maybe judgments could be. Please understand I am not perfect and if the world doesn’t heed or respect this letter and the information of its contents you will go into judgment by the Spirit of Error and the Spirit of Truth. Do I really care. I love your spirit, but your soul needs a lawyer and I can represent you if you believe in me. Remember I am not the most high. Nor am the *WORD* of God.

    If you don’t read this you will eventually learn. You have know clue what Spirit is with me.

    Excerpts from the book of Matthew 13:24-30; 13:36-43, mentioned in the Holy Bible!

    Ҥ The Parable of the Weeds
    13.24 Another parable he put before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field;13.25 but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 13.26 So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. 13.27 And the servants of the householder came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then has it weeds?’ 13.28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’ 13.29 But he said, ‘No; lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. 13.30 Let both grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.'”

    “13.36 Then he left the crowds and went into the house. And his disciples came to him, saying, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds of the field.” 13.37 He answered, “He who sows the good seed is the Son of man; 13.38 the field is the world, and the good seed means the sons of the kingdom; the weeds are the sons of the evil one, 13.39 and the enemy who sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the close of the age, and the reapers are angels. 13.40 Just as the weeds are gathered and burned with fire, so will it be at the close of the age. 13.41 The Son of man will send his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all evildoers, 13.42 and throw them into the furnace of fire; there men will weep and gnash their teeth. 13.43 Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their;”

    Honor the true Ten Commandments of God. know these are the rules that we are to be obedient to along with the golden commandment listed below. Most know that Jesus Christ did away with the other Laws of the Torah that included not needing animal sacrifices anymore. For he was the mediator that fulfilled the old covenant Laws as well as being the one that showed us God no longer needs us to do barbaric animal sacrifices. Or fall into self-condemnation and suffer the wrath of God the Father’s indignation if you bring these precepts back into existence. Jesus Christ first came as a sacrificial Lamb (the mediator – the sacrifices of creatures of nature would no longer be used as a blood sacrifice for are insinuations and he was lead to the slaughter; He will return as the Lion of Judah and no one can get to the Father unless they believe in Jesus Christ first. For he is a path to the Learn the true *Golden Law* of the Torah which is unconditional *Love* (Roman 13:8) and abideth steadfast in this hope and truth. For live with the carnal minded (Romans 8:7; Genesis 3:15!) thinkers and act like Samuel the fallen angel and the Spirit of Lilith a seducing spirit that makes men fornicate against the Godhead drinking the wine of Her indignation.

    “Romans 13:8 “8] Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for *s/he* that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.”

    “Romans 13:9-10 “(9)… and if there be any other commandment. it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt *love* thy neighbour as thyself.
    [10] Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”

    “Roman 8:7 “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God;”

    My brother and two nephews believed by faith and Brit Milah (Hebrew custom which means document of Moses!) worked on them and they did not act on my words. And they did not physically do what I explain to do or believe in; in this letter. Know I am commanding no one to do Brit Milah on themself or anyone else. They my brother and two nephews believed and God did it for them and cleansed what was needed from their souls. But they have faith like a Mustard Seed. Most lack the faith somewhere because there understanding of scripture passages is not followed by sound counsel coming forth from the Holy Spirit or Holy Angels of the Truth God. Believe what is in this letter. Do not rely on your own judgment and sound counsel or a groups prayer vigil. This is what God’s *Will* & *Truth* is. It is to obey & honor the Ten Commandments and for man to understand the Spirit of Enmity is in everyone unless you do Brit Milah or call Jesus Christ you savior, king, redeemer, & Lord.

    No matter what book you subscribe to as being ordained from the Holy Spirit and *Divinely* written such as the Christian Bible which translation is now perverted because of so many translations from learned men insight on scripture. *I* believe Holy Angels my Spirit Guides come from Godhead. You can question my revelations all you want. I am not God. But I know God supports me something you have no idea how to discern.

    I am fully open to the spirit world. My guides tell me the ascension the Christians call the Rapture will happen in 5 years and a few months (how do i know this? when the Bible and Jesus Christ say otherwise!) easy…I never said the exact date and time. I am making a prediction on what the Godhead, Holy Spirit, and Divine Angels of God has given me insight to. I am a child of God/dess. I come speaking from the source of the all living and manifestation of the divine all that is. We are all one people. There is divides and rifts amongst the tribes of Earth referred to as people. I came up out of the waters on Earth. This symbol (waters) is a symbol which means people of all tribes, creatures tongues, dialects, races, creeds, doctrines etc… of Earth and all that exists here. I represent the Law of Moses and I am telling the Torah no longer needs to be used. I was Moses in a past life. I know this because January 11th 2001 the archangel Michael came to me and rebuked the Devil Satan from me. Samuel is locked up on the planet. Satan; he is now hoping Satan will free him (Samuel). Satan is a fallen Angel/Spirit!

    Soon I will step on the world stage. I am a Seer, Priest, Disciple, Translator, and Messenger of God. My birth rite is this. I am a Hebrew Priest and a Rabbi ordained by Angels of God. I have been educated by angels of the Holy Spirit the Holy Sophia of God. I am from Jesus Christ family

    Anyone associated with Hatafat Dam Brit … Brit Milah and does not claim it is Jewish hogwash represents God. Beware my brethren for very few know how to discern the spirit world completely.

    I am not the Elijah to come. I am not the archangel Michael. I am not one of the two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation of the Christian Bible.

    Like in the time of Moses & Noah when God protected those that abided in Moses & Noah’s guidance they were protected. Trust me. I do not know yet exactly now everything God has planned for me or those that do heed my counsel. I do know this those that believe in Brit Milah a ancient Hebrew custom will be protected during the time of change on Earth.

    Use a dye on the needle when doing Brit Milah. Learn it this ritual. I am not telling anyone to do this ancient ritual. But God has taught me much and I am preparing to step onto the world scene


    The world needs this information. Please help me spread this to the world. I come speaking directly for God.

    This part of the correspondence deciphers the true Law of Moses! I am not Moses/ Meshua! That was a past incarnation experience

    This is added wisdom I learned to do for this tradition which has been on Earth since the time of Abraham & Sarah. It is mentioned in the book of Jasher & the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Though the custom the ancient ritual itself is not included in any scripture. It has been put in some out dated books & written about by sages etc… in olden times. Have faith my friends. Soon the physical ascension the physical rapture will happen. Getting back to what else is needed for this custom to be done properly. Take a natural dye & stick it on a small needle’s point. Then insert it into the male penis. Hit the shaft of the penis the sphincter muscle that opens & closes where the urine enters the urethra canal & then exits the penis at the whole on the outer part of the male membrane. Prick it lightly. This blood vessel in the males body leads directly to the heart. you will circumcise the male heart this way and Jeremiah 4:4 will be done. Then Enmity will flee your seed genesis 3:15. This is a scripture passage from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Please read Hebrews chapter 8 & 9 for better understanding of the conditions of the New Covenant. Further understanding is excerpt from the Dead Sea Scroll the “Damascus Covenant”.

    “Jeremiah 4:4 – Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, and take away the foreskins of your heart, ye men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem; lest My fury go forth like fire, and burn that none can quench it, because of the evil of your doings.”

    “Genesis 3:15 – And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; they shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise their heel.”

    “Excerpt from the Damascus Covenant document “2 And on the day on which the man imposes it upon himself to return to the Law of Moses the Angel of Mastema (ENMITY) will depart from him if he make good his word.” …

    Extra information! Brit Milah – Hebrew words & means Document of Moses!”. I am Brit Milahed properly. Also this used to be called the real “Law of Moses!”. Jewish sages & Rebbis throughout the ages have changed words to not only suit Zionist agendas but satisfy their own greed. Lazy spirits they indeed are. The Torah is called the Torah of God. Not the “Law of Moses”. The Ten Commandments, animal sacrifices, & the other precepts of the old Testament are establishing laws of the nation of Israel and is also not the “Law of Moses!”. Acts 15:1 used to say the “Law of Moses!” not the circumcision. Also the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church sit in the seat of Moses.”

    “Acts.15 [1] And certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved.



    Jewish Basics : Traditions

    Brit Milah Tradition
    Special Considerations

    Hatafat Dam Brit: When a child is born as if circumcised, or has been circumcised before the eighth day in a hospital, a ritual called Hatafat Dam Brit is required. This symbolic circumcision involves drawing a drop of blood from the shaft of the penis. The child is also named at this time.

    Conversion/Adoption: When both parents are Jewish, the child is Jewish. If only one parent is Jewish, the child’s religion is determined by that of the birth mother. If the birth mother is not Jewish, the child must be converted. For a boy, the first step in this process is Brit Milah, followed by immersion in a Mikveh (ritual bath), usually at the age of one year. If a male child born of a non-Jewish mother is adopted by Jewish parents, he also must undergo conversion. The process is as described above. The adoptive parents assume responsibility for circumcision and Mikveh as well as for the many other educational obligations that lead to the child’s understanding and acceptance of Torah and Mitzvot. An older child or adult male who wishes to convert to Judaism also must undergo circumcision, or Hatafat Dam, and Mikveh.


    The three main participants, the father, Mohel and Sandak, wear Talitot.

    On the first Friday night after a boy is born, it is customary to celebrate by gathering in the home of the newborn to welcome him This is known as Ben Zakhor (also Shalom Zakhor). G-d finished the creation of the world with the Sabbath and introduced peace and rest. Thus Shabbat surrounds the newborn with an aura of holiness and enhances his entry into the Covenant of Abraham, our father.

    The redemption of the first born son of a Jewish mother requires a Pidyon Haben. If the father or mother is a Kohen or Levi, the child is exempt. The ceremony takes place on the 31st day of the child’s life. If this day falls on Shabbat or a Yom Tov, the ceremony is postponed until the first following weekday. A religiously observant Kohen is needed.

    Proper Brit Milah Observance
    The Tradition of Brit Milah.


    At 7:50 am 02/04/11 the Principality Angel Mariel came to me. This entity said to me, “tell people that they need to do Brit Millah. This is a commandment of God.”


    For the light you have inside to show one needs to take a deep look at how they treat others. To repent means you realize ceasing to work deceptions, stop lying, stopping accusing others & stop tempting others passions.

    Now here is a little about me. Know that I gravely made a error in my judgment; bad taste on my behalf. I accused the Earth’s (GAIA Benn) sentient life forces of not loving me. Whoa I exist; so why did I think that nonsense when before I broke my neck in a vehicular accident my belief system was just be & observe. I have done wondrous achievements in my career ambitions (I was a private investigator, collected art, collected literature, worked very hard in the food service industry, collected incense, collected perfumes, collected colognes, had intercourse, and I took from everywhere without permission. Before I became struck down I did such activities almost daily. I exercised, juiced raw fruits and veggies, read literature, gazed at art, talked to people on the computer, and I would watch the sun rise with the wind blowing on my body and countenance. Some interesting literature I collected was Apocrypha and Pseudepigraphy. The bizarre stuff I had was on ancient literature of African descent. Recently I write poetry, short stories, and songs on topics of love,m romance, and spirituality. My calling in life was to be a singer and songwriter. So yes this planet is missing a very talented rising star.

    Some of my enjoyments in life. Going to South Beach and teaching the female models to use douches of wine and vinegar. I want beauty to return to the forces of nature. I love to look deeply into Green Emerald and Ocean Blue Sapphire Jewels of females eyes. In these female hearts they want karma filled peace. Care-takers take care of those that are suffering abominations and help knowledge ones remove those impurities off the face of Gaia. So they clean mixed natures and return them accurately to all walks of lighted circles even to the mind tested ones. Prescribed medicines of apothecary to good hard working workers that walked upon the water with my staff to give mercy of those filled with horror. I am a aristocrat poet that drinks fine Wine and the finest Liqueurs the Earth has to offer. In the morning I enjoy herbal teas and flavored coffees.

    I will soon have a translated body. This means that God considers us each in one way as a very complex written word! & translated is very simple to understand. Just like you translate a word from one language to another; God will change some of my word/existence into a different written presentation & to all I will have a different countenance! Then I will be translated into a different physical appearance, but not name wise feature/body. Then I will be a redeemed man/ (& another blessing I can not reveal to anyone but my future Virgin Bride. The Holy Ghost will do this because Sophia Wisdom’s Love wants me to not just be happy, but be beautiful for my wise Virgin Bride. The Holy Ghost wanted to LOVE me before my servitude. But it was not God’s will back in around 1984 at a Christian camp in Jupiter Beach Florida. That wonderful encounter/experience transpired while singing a song around a campfire after the Sun was completely down for the night’s blanket to cover the horizon and the stars of the night sky radiated on my Virgin Bride.

    okay after all this religious malarkey I confess I did sin greatly for several days in 1993. Something barbaric tried to enter my thoughts and told me to take my sister. I thought masturbation would get rid of it. Well I did finally resist this temptation but I don’t know what that was to tell you the truth honestly.

    God bless you all my friends! Know that I have always loved you.


    Selah (Hebrew word that means blessings!)
    Love +Victor Michael Lashewitz
    Aries 03/31/1971
    The holy Angel Barthawlamuel is my guardian angel!

    • very thought provoking articcle it seems as if we r living in same barbaric times of changez khan when blodshed was routine activity religion sect is between god and man how it could harm others we need 200 years more to understand this fact we should feel shame rather than arguing

  2. Sir…i agree that these kind of brutal attacks have to stop but as far as passing the ordinances and laws are concerned…they only state that what Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) stated which is a muslim believed in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as last prophet and he/she believes in One God……..according to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if some one doesnt believe in him (PBUH) as the last prophet then he isnt a muslim…..so state of Pakistan didnt declare ahmedis non-muslims…they themselves declared it the moment they challenged the finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    • What you say is not correct. You have been listening to some of your half baked mullahs.

      No where in the entire Holy Qur’an does it say that believing in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), is an article of faith and believing otherwise as we, Ahmadis do, makes anybody a non-muslim.

      In fact, it is entirely Allah’s prerogative to label a person a believer or not. Please, refer to us any such incident in the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh), life time and soon after, that the Muslims of that time persecuted and took out fatwas against fellow Muslims.

      Your mullahs, in fact, call everybody a kafir who disagrees with their point of view. Have they taken God’s place or turned into mind readers as to who is and is not a Muslim?

      Why not watch this clip and listen to the garbage they (mullahs), spew even in a mosque – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X01htQUvKcQ – It should be very enlightening, I hope and pray!


      • Razai I do appreciate u start reading the meaning of first kalma
        “o where in the entire Holy Qur’an does it say that believing in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), is an article of faith and believing otherwise as we, Ahmadis do, makes anybody a non-muslim.”
        wow…wow wwow…..height of ignorance

  3. great thoughts with no ambiguity Wajahat.
    we are all humanbeings first than religion comes.
    some how I found them generous and humble.agree with your assertions.
    Nawab Kifee

  4. You are an ahmadi you are a fitna. Fitna must be dealt in the same way Hazrat Abu Bakkar did. Stop labeling your self as a Muslim and accept that you are a minority. Stop defaming Islam and Pakistan. And then start wishing what ever you like.

    • Assalamu alaikum, Abbasi sahib!

      What led you to believe that we, Ahmadis, are a Fitna? And how do you figure that Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra), dealt with that? Did he go on a killing rampage?

      Who are you to sit in judgment regarding who is a Muslim and who is not? Have you done any research in the various sects of Islam? Why single out Ahmadi Muslims, only?

      And just because we are a minority and therefore insignificant and expendable to you, you think it is justified to kill and maim members of our community?

      As regards your thinking that just because we are a minority, therefore the majority is right. I’m sorry to remove your delusions because the first Muslims of the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh), time were also in a minority compared to the idolators of Arabia. So according to your way of thinking the small band of the early Muslims were wrong and the idolators who were in the majority were right? The Muslims were a minority in a totally ignorant society, I hope you know that…?!

      And can you please specify how Ahamadis are defaming Islam and even a lawless and unjust country like Pakistan?

      Your comment sounds more illogically passionate than of a learned and wise Muslim. I think you need to educate yourself in many subjects, especially Islam and comparative religion.

      • dear raziya, ur answers are always great, but here as pakistani ahmadi muslim i want you to be polite please in your words for pakistan, i know in justice and law broken politicians and ppl are there who are defaming our dear country but its not pakistan ,,, its the wrong people ruling pakistan making it lawless and unjust cuntry, so dear sister please be polite in using harsh words for pakistan.may allah show the right path to people of pakistan and may they accept the true islam The ahmadiyyat.amin

        • Assalamu alaikum, Sadaf Ali,

          I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings about my quite justified comments about Pakistan, but, while a country is beautiful, etc., it’s the leaders and the way that they are perceived by the outside world that makes it what it is.

          I have personally been there and I couldn’t help comparing my country, which is equally lawless, but beautiful, etc., to yours. But, there was one small difference – we have freedom of worship and we are not a theocratic state nor claim to be one, thank God!

          Our leaders, too are highly corrupt (read my blog), and mega crooks.

          So, you see, you should not get worked up about a country. For to a Muslim any place that is peaceful and practices freedom of religion is a Muslim state and we should be grateful for this. Can Pakistan fall under that?

        • @ Raziya
          “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings about my quite justified comments about Pakistan”

          This comment is hurting again. Blaming all Pakistanis might be QUITE JUSTIFIED and satisfaying you but can not be valuable for the Ahmadis who were rescued by GENERAL PUBLIC during 1953,1974 and all the way in ongoing persecution.

  5. FINALITY OF PROHET MUHAMMAD. It is wrong to say Ahmadi Muslims do not believe in the Finality and Khatamun Nabyeen. We believe that the Holy Prophet was the Final of last prophet in the sense that he was the Law-bearing(Sharih-Nabi). He is Khatamun Nabiyeen as the title stipulates in the Quran that refers to high status. But we reject the common Maulivi-type of meaning that he is the last prophet and no non-bearing prohpet can ever be born in his Ummah. We reject that notion. The Hy Quran is very clear as to thd status a beliver can attain to from among the four distinct categories.

  6. Khalid Saab i really dont know much about this feud over Ahmadi Shai etc etc but what i know from reading this blog is that a regular muslim believes in Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet and Ahmadi’s dont believe that and please correct me if im wrong. you on the other hand just said “, like all Ahmadis, I revere Muhummad (pbuh) as the messenger of Allah, the last law-bringing prophet, and the seal of the prophets.”. so if you are saying that you believe Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet so why all this confusion. somewhere someone made some differences and that is why all this confusion so what i would suggest instead of arguing on the internet we all need to get our facts straight.

    as for the killing no muslims accepts killing of another its allah to judge who is the real muslim and who is not . i was born in a muslim household i dont call myself sunni shia ahmadi etc etc but i call myself a muslim even though 20% of what a muslim is suppose to do .

    let allah decide but plz all the people here arguing plz get all teh facts straight before pointing fingers .


    Muslim: One who spray bullets on others during the Salat of Juma.

    Non-Muslim: One who receives bullets while offering Juma.

    Shaheed: A suicide bomber who kills innocents during Salat.

    HALAK(dead) Ahmadi Who is killed in the name of religion.

    Daring journalists like HAMID MIR hesitated when they were supposed to Announce Ahmadis as Shaheed.

    • Dear Kalim

      It is hurtful to say that Ahmadis are “cashing [in on] this tragedy”. How would you feel if your father and brother were murdered and someone casually said you were cashing in on their murder?

      94 people were killed at worship because they were Ahmadi Muslims. Let me say that again. They were killed because they were Ahmadi Muslims.

      The murdered people did nothing to provoke their killers. They did not threaten anyone. They did not attack anyone. They did not insult anyone. All they did was visit their mosque on a Friday to pray peacefully. Their murder was not a random act. It was a calculated effort by hate-filled murderers to target and kill those they disagree with.

      I find it astonishing that the love and tolerance displayed by Muhummad (pbuh) is capable of being twisted by those blinded by corruption and hate, who read “there is no compulsion in the matter of religion” or “for you your religion and for me my religion” and see it as justification for them to bomb, grenade and machinegun worshippers in a mosque. Is it only “liberal moderates” who are filled with revulsion at those who try to justify slaughter in the name of Islam?

      Belief in the oneness of God and in Muhummad (pbuh) as his messenger is an article of the Islamic faith. Ahmadi Muslims believe firmly in both those things. Ahmadi Muslims, like other Muslims, are full of profound love for the Holy Prophet.

      Has God given you some unique power to read the hearts of men and to divine who is a Muslim and who is not? Have you the right to abrogate what the Holy Prophet himself said when he defined a Muslim as one who believed in Allah and in Muhummah (pbuh) as his messenger?

  8. Dear Mr. Khan,

    Being a muslim, i am obliged to detest the killing of any innocent human being. So as far as that goes, i am really upset. As for amalgamating religion with this unfortunate incident, i disagree with ur stand both on emotional and logical grounds. Please understand a Muslim by definition has to believe in Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet and so Ahmedi’s are NOT MUSLIMS. I respect u and ur life as i respect the sikhs and hindus in this country. I dont mind saying salaam to you or eating halal food with u. But under no circumstances can i accept u as a muslim until u really accept islam. So why dont u remain happy as what u r, an Ahmedi. Why the insistance on being called a muslim? As for ur worship area, well if u dont have a name for it, Ahmedi mosque would be fine with me. Apart from all the self pity that u feel fr ur self also try to understand that u r insisting on expanding the boundaries of the basis of a religion and that is unacceptable. Hope u understand. Be happy and be an Ahmedi but do not try to make room for ur misbelief in my religion 🙂

    • Dear Adnan Khalid

      You have no right or authority to judge the faith of another. To purport to do so is sanctimonious, intolerant and wrong. I am an Ahmadi Muslim and, like all Ahmadis, I revere Muhummad (pbuh) as the messenger of Allah, the last law-bringing prophet, and the seal of the prophets.

      It is for Allah to judge what is in the hearts of men. No man is able to say what is in another man’s heart or to question another’s faith. No man is entitled to judge another man’s belief or conscience. Only God can look into a man’s soul and judge his faith.

      If a man recites the kalima and says he believes in Allah and his messenger, noone has any right to denounce him as a non-Muslim. To say otherwise defies Islamic teaching and the sayings of the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

      If Ahmadis (or the Shia, Wahhabis, Sunnis, etc) say they are Muslims, who are you or anyone else to judge them? This obsession with denouncing others is redolent of the ugly self righteousness that spawned the Christian Spanish inquisition five hundred years ago. It undermines us all and divides and damages the country we love.

      If 94 members of your community or family were murdered whilst at prayer in your local mosque, and I dismissively referred to your sadness and pain as mere “self pity”, I think you would be entitled to characterise me as unfeeling, insensitive and inhuman. I think that your words here are revealing, and display an animosity towards Ahmadi Muslims that white imperialists once reserved for natives in pre-partition India. I find that disappointing.

      • Mr, khalid

        I didnt refer to ur mourning as self pity, rather i meant to point out that it is unnatural to react to being called a non-muslim so deeply when it is ur choice to take that path. Ahmedis are not a muslim sect. So comparison to shias and sunnis and others is illogical. anyone who thinks of anyone except Muhammad as the last messenger is not a muslim.

    • Adnan if this what your islam is I would rather not believe in that Islam. And where did you get this idea that Muslims have to believe in the Finality of the Prophet Mohammed SAWS. This is not mentioned in the Pillars of Islam or faith.
      Your words are hollow when all you “dedicated Musalman” can come out that you detest the killing of innocent person. Humanity take precedent over any religion.

        • Assalamu alaikum, Adnan sahib,

          I think you need to read the Qur’an properly yourself, instead. Nowhere does it tell us that to be called a Muslim one has to believe in the finality of Prophethood.

          Also, what exactly do you mean by ‘finality’, anyway? That the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was the last of the prophets? If so, how and who is going to be uniting the fragmented Muslims of the world? Since they all believe in the arrival of Issa (a.s.), and since he was a prophet the first time he came into this world, is he going to be demoted from that state during his ‘second’ coming? And if he retains his status of prophethood, isn’t he going to be a prophet after Muhammad (phuh)?

          And which law is he going to be following or confirming since during his ‘first’ arrival he was sent to confirm the Taurah – the law of Moses (a.s.). Now, that we have the Holy Qur’an as the Last and Final law, what is going to happen?

          Can you, please, apply the God given grey matter that you have been given by your Creator in matters of religion? It will make you a ‘superior’ Muslim in the process, than the general semi- and illiterate masses of the Muslim world.

          And where in the entire Holy Book – Qur’an are you given permission to persecute those who differ from your thinking? Please, read among many other verses, Surah Al-Kafirun with all your faculties intact! Especially the mental ones.

        • your this reply helped me a lot in my research,,, i am an ahmadi muslim alhamdulilha and trying to prepare myself for tablegh purpose, well done sister, i wish i can also give this kind of replies to my opponents,very logical and beautiful way of writing .Well Done!!!

        • If you are well versed with the Holy Quran why don’t you quote me the reference.

      • Dear Adnan Khalid

        I am an Ahmadi. I am a Muslim. Like all Ahmadis, I believe in Allah. I believe in the prophet Muhummad (pbuh). I believe in the last day.

        Who are you, or anyone else, to assert that Ahmadis are not Muslims, when we fulfil the definition of a Muslims according to the Prophet himself (pbuh)?

        Are you (or anyone else who denounces Ahmadis as non-Muslims) better placed than the holy Prophet to decide who is a Muslim and who is not?

        I do react deeply when someone asserts I am not a Muslim. How would you react if someone were to assert you were not a Muslim?

    • Well said Adnan

      The killings were a barbaric and unjustified act , but Ahmadi Colleagues shouldn’t be cashing this tragedy

      By the way the opening lines of this Article are false.
      Pakistan is not the only country where Ahmadis are non -Muslims. They are decalred as non-muslims in Saudi Arabia and Many Gulf states

      And for all the liberal moderates. Finality of Prophet Muhammad is part of the Islamic faith. Either you accept Muhammad as the Last prophet being a Muslim or make up your own prophet and remain an Ahmadi/ Qadyani

  9. Assalamo alaikum Khan sahib and all.
    You will find a differance in the Pakistan before and after 1984. It was the year when Imam Jamat Ahmadiyya Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Ra was forced to leave the country. Nonstop decline of Pakistan starts in 1984.

  10. “But you can’t blame me for wishing. I wish I could give you a hug this Eid. I wish I could say “Asalamalaikum” and “Eid Mubarak” to you as well. I wish I could read to you the history of my people and even have you sample my food. But I can’t. That could cost me three years of prison time.”

    >> Three years just to greet, meet and eat?! That’s preposterous! Isn’t there some kind of… I can’t even say the word “law” because apparently there isn’t… some kind of cardinal of life that prevents discrimination to this extent?

    these are people we’re talking about. real people. not some kind otherworldly filthy being… even then it would be wrong.

    … three years?

  11. I just do not understand how anybody can make a jusdgement on another person’s religion. If you feel you are a muslim then only YOU and GOD have the right to make that judgement.

  12. AoA. First of all thank you Mr. Khan for writing such an article,GOD bless you, and I also thank you all who have shown n shared there feelings,GOD bless you all, there are still some GOD fearing people living in this country.

    Alhamdollilah, I’m an Ahmadi, and I believe in oneness of GOD and finality of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa Sallalaho Waalhe Waslam. and our Kalama is “Lailaha illalah Mohammed ur Rasool Allah” and Quran the final word of GOD(this is for those who even in here are trying to spread hatered by saying that Ahmadis are not muslims and calling Mosques places of worship)

    BTW. the above is a defination of a muslim which is given by Holy Prophet (SAW), would those who think we are not muslims care to give their defination of Islam !!!

  13. I am not an Ahmedi , but for me these attacks were more saddening than other suicide blasts taking place in my country. Ahmedis have been so much discriminated in our country and we have never done anything to end this blatant hatred and prejudice. In today’s Pakistan , it is our duty to wage a War-against-hatred. Otherwise , hatred against our fellow Pakistani brothers will destroy us. And I dare call these Ahmedis as shaheeds. They died while praying to Allah Almighty.

  14. Dien is very right. I have found that Pakistanis have a very low literacy rate and hence they can be manipulated any which way by the Mullahs.

    They are also half baked in their knowledge of Islam and can hardly stand up for what they believe in, themselves. They are the minions of fanatics who finance all this mayhem.

    If the general public was educated would they advocate this nonsense of ‘wajibul qatl’? Nowhere in the entire Qur’an is such a phrase mentioned and if this mob lead by the mullahs would just use their God given grey matter, and not sit in judgment of anybody who calls themselves Muslim.

    After all, who are they? Have they suddenly become mind readers?! For their information, neither the Holy Qur’an nor the Holy Prophet (saw), EVER, reacted in this horrific manner to even the so-called apostates.

    Everytime these dumb headed Pakistani general public visits some atrocity on my peace loving community (yes, I’m an Ahmadi), I thank God that my ancestor left the Indian subcontinent long before Pakistan was created. Shame on you! They make me SICK!

  15. The problem is that Pakistan was created on the basis of religion, So when you have religion mixed with poverty, unemployment, intolerance and lack of education end result is this PAKISTAN. People of the world should learn from this experiment and should never create a country based on religion.

    • I heard that Pakistan is still very high percentage in illiteracy. Many people still cannot read. That is why it is so easy to provoke the people.

      So, if that is true, then one of the solutions is we have to help Pakistan to come out from illiteracy problem.

  16. It is with great regret and sadness that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirms that following the Lahore attacks on Friday, another Ahmadi, Mr Nehmatullah of District Narawal, Pakistan was today martyred due to his faith. It appears that this pre-meditated murder was directly inspired by the Lahore attacks.
    Full details have not yet been received. However what is known is that the deceased was attacked whilst sleeping during the night with his wife next to him. He was attacked with a knife and died soon after.
    One of the sons of Mr Nehmatullah recognised the assailant as he tried to flee and thus the assailant also attacked him with a knife. The son of Mr Nehmatullah survived and has been moved to a hospital where he is being treated. The extent of his injuries is not yet known.
    The village in which the deceased lived is populated with three Ahmadi families. After hearing recently in a Friday sermon that Ahmadis were ‘Wajibul Qatl’ the assailant was allegedly openly preaching that he would murder Ahmadis. The term ‘Wajibul Qatl’ is being used increasingly in Pakistan in regard to Ahmadis and translates as deserving to be killed.
    Following the Lahore attacks on Friday the assailant also allegedly said openly that he would personally make sure that no Ahmadi was left alive in his village.
    The deceased is survived by his wife, three sons and three daughters.
    This incident shows again that Ahmadis are facing a time of great uncertainty and danger in Pakistan. The International Community and Media are all urged to take action to help safeguard and protect the lives of Ahmadi Muslims.

  17. Murder of another innocent Ahmadi in Pakistan
    Murder inspired by Lahore attacks

    It is with great regret and sadness that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirms that following the Lahore attacks on Friday, another Ahmadi, Mr Nehmatullah of District Narawal, Pakistan was today martyred due to his faith. It appears that this pre-meditated murder was directly inspired by the Lahore attacks.

    Full details have not yet been received. However what is known is that the deceased was attacked whilst sleeping during the night with his wife next to him. He was attacked with a knife and died soon after.

    One of the sons of Mr Nehmatullah recognised the assailant as he tried to flee and thus the assailant also attacked him with a knife. The son of Mr Nehmatullah survived and has been moved to a hospital where he is being treated. The extent of his injuries is not yet known.

    The village in which the deceased lived is populated with three Ahmadi families. After hearing recently in a Friday sermon that Ahmadis were ‘Wajibul Qatl’ the assailant was allegedly openly preaching that he would murder Ahmadis. The term ‘Wajibul Qatl’ is being used increasingly in Pakistan in regard to Ahmadis and translates as deserving to be killed.

    Following the Lahore attacks on Friday the assailant also allegedly said openly that he would personally make sure that no Ahmadi was left alive in his village.

    The deceased is survived by his wife, three sons and three daughters.

    This incident shows again that Ahmadis are facing a time of great uncertainty and danger in Pakistan. The International Community and Media are all urged to take action to help safeguard and protect the lives of Ahmadi Muslims.

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  19. goood work … well written …keep up da goood work…hav faith my Ahmadi brothers and sisters..Allah will help us get thru..no matter what…stay blessed..may Allah protect evry1 from all kinds of sharr…
    Ashamed to say…but this is not Jinnah wished for…!

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  21. “Every Ahmadi is a true Muslim”, This is a definition of an Ahmadi. I am a true Muslim so I am an Ahmadi. I stand with you my brother, Khan. While reading your account, I recalled the famous speech of Martin Luther King. He said:
    “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”
    “I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.”
    “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    “I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, whose governor’s lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers.”
    “I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”
    Pakistanis need a Martin Luther King, A Qaid-e-Azam, who tells the people of Pakistan. “You are free nation. You are free to go to your temples, your mosques and your places of worship. You are equal in the state of Pakistan. We need a leader who follows the true meaning of Hazrat Muhammad Peace be upon him’s last Sermon. I believe that will happen one day.
    Ahmadis are different from others. They proved once again while burying their loved ones, they preyed and cried with no sounds, they cried while supplicating to Allah. They showed no revenge, burning the tires, looting the stores, disturbing and traffic, protesting in streets or in front of parliaments. Yes Ahmadis are different. They proved what they say, “LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE”.

  22. Assalaamualikum…Thanku for ur words….I AM AN AHMADI….May Allah enable us to understand that ISLAM is a peace loveing and the most peacefull religion…..it vasnt propogated by a sword or a wepon but by its own essance..PROUD TO FOLLOW ISLAM…..PROUD TO B A MUSLIM….

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  24. Once someone had recited the Kalima , not even our Prophet (PBUH) sat in judgement in such cases.He said that it was between the individual and Allah.

    I also believe that we as human beings should not decide who is a true Muslim or not.See what the so-called Muslims are doing in the name of religion.After their acts over the last few years, it is because of them that Islam is equated with terror.

    It’s our so-called Islamic leaders who have created this rift all because they wish to impose their version of Islam on everyone.

    Let everyone live in peace and show them the true face of Islam, a peace-loving religion.Don’t make innocent children pay for a crime these so-called Islamic leaders are committing.

  25. on 28th May, Muslims were eradicating Kafirs in the so called mosque and all the establishment was sleeping them, most of the channels were not calling a Mosque a mosque, a martyr a martyr and muslim a muslim .. … you know WHY …
    because 72 sect of Muslims declared a One sect KAFIR with great struggle and they don’t want to include them again and they are totally against the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, as he said only one will be muslim and 72 will be not, what a followers … God Bless Pakistan

  26. Very good article. As the details of these barbaric acts are emerging by eye-witnesses from inside the two mosques, we know that the terrorists had come prepared to eliminate everyone attending the Juma prayers. These were targeted terrorist attacks. Also the e-mails received by some journalists suggest that more attacks are being encouraged against Ahmadis and also Shias. May Allah save this country

  27. People at time think that Ahmadies do not react and do not stand up for protest etc., as probably they are themselves afraid that they will meet the same destiny. Honestly this is not about facing the same fate or not. Being an Ahmadi we have no issue at all in facing the hardships in the path of true faith – who else had been more exposed to all this than us ??? But it is ACTUALLY a matter of faith. We not only strongly believe in Islam but we DO PRACTICE it. We do not believe in reacting and than over reacting and then.. … What Islam teaches its TRUE followers is just what we have done. “We leave our case to the court of God”, is what was said. Because undoubtedly He is the best judge. And to tell you the truth, since we believe that we are TRUE Muslims, so we get more upset about this Society and the country. Because after being treated like this we are so certain that God’s taqdeer is not not going to spare this society and country – which does depress us because despite being so maltreated we always have the pain for the same people who spray bullets on us and who detonate suicide jackets onto us. Just because this is what the religion is all about. The slogan of Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya is “Love for All – Hatred for None” – Isn’t the whole world a witness that we have PRACTICALLY demonstrated this? If we are so honest in demonstrating this one slogan – Just trust us we are LOT MORE honest when we express our beliefs and recite Kalima and say that we are Muslims…

    But having said all this no matter how much do we pray for the country the people here seem to be so determined to pull the whole society to the edge of destruction which seemingly is becoming the destiny. We STILL PRAY and hope that the country which was made in the name if Islam, will one day reflect the “true” vision of Islam.

  28. In contrast to other religious communities being persecuted around the globe in this day and age, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) is prominent for various reasons.

    Firstly, AMC is facing state sanctioned persecution in Pakistan. These laws also known as “the anti-blasphemy laws” deprive fundamental rights to AMC members who are Pakistani citizens. The Pakistani Constitution’s anti-blasphemy laws directly violate the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed. These laws must be repealed to avoid further damage to Pakistan and the international community.

    The Ordinance XX and the 1974 amendment of Pakistan’s Constitution allowed Pakistan to determine the meaning of “Muslim”—something that has never happened in Islam’s 1400-year-history. This ordinance criminalized the everyday religious practices of members of AMC, including but not limited to, banning the members of AMC from declaring themselves as Muslims either verbally or in writing, calling their place of worship mosque, performing the Muslim call to prayer at the mosque, using the traditional Islamic greeting, quoting the Quran, propagating their faith, and publishing or producing any religious literature. In essence this law provided various extremist Islamic groups with a carte blanche to openly persecute the members of AMC.

    Some argue that the May 28th Massacre was only a terror attack and had nothing to do with target killings of the members of AMC. This is a false notion. The clerics in Pakistan have always instigated the crowd that since the members of AMC are infidels, killing them indiscriminately is rewarding in this life and the hereafter. Hate campaigns against the AMC are conducted in the public including, speeches in the mosques, canvassing in the streets and through the press The AMC is not allowed to publish articles to defend their beliefs. The government of Pakistan has long ignored the voices of the members of The AMC asking that their rights as humans and citizens be adhered to. Therefore, “The Massacre in the Mosques” was not just a terror attack, rather it was a state sanctioned terror attack.

    AMC is being deprived of its fundamental rights as being humans and citizens of Pakistan but the views of the government is that these laws have been placed to restore public order as the beliefs of the AMC injure the sentiments of the majority of “Muslims”. To defend this poor argument the Muslim clerics have argued the beliefs of the AMC are so radical that “Shariah” (Islamic Law) demands its persecution and annihilation.

    The Holy Quran contradicts such a position, explaining that a person’s spiritual destiny is between God and that person alone:
    “And if thy Lord had enforced His will, surely, all who are on the earth would have believed together. Wilt though, then, force men to become believers?” (10,100). Another verse of The Quran states,
    “And if Allah had enforced His Will, they (the non-believers) would not have set up gods with Him. And We have not made thee a keeper over them, nor art thou over them a guardian” (6,108).

    It is important to note that since the independence of Pakistan in 1947, AMC has witnessed 167 murders (not including the ones that were martyred on May 28) of its members while never once being found guilty of retaliation. This shows that this community stands by its motto, “LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE”.

    It is ironic that the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah made it clear that Pakistan is a Sate for Muslims but it is not a Muslim State. He said this because the major motivation behind the creations of Pakistan was to free the oppressed Muslims from the Hindu majority in the sub-continent India

    I encourage everybody to watch the following documentary about what Ahmadi beliefs are as there is so much propaganda out there against this peaceful community


  29. Every Ahmadi heart and soul is grieved by this unfortunate incident in Pakistan. May Allah exalt the status of those martyred (Ameen). Surely, to Allah do we belong, and to Him is our final return.
    The hatred against Ahmadiyyath has shown its clear face to the whole world after this incident.
    The Holy Prophet(s.a.w), the last law bearing prophet exemplified the true picture of Islam and was the only prophet who also demonstrated the political facade in his prophet hood. Islam grew only through its beauty and never by sword.
    Pakistan has’nt potaryed its Islamic virtue by criminalizing Ahmadi’s Islamic believes.
    We are all well aware that our hereafter will be judged by Allah and not Pakistan.

  30. The people who ruthless marted 94 worshippers in Lahore will pay the price in the world and thereafter. No one has the right to decided about anyone’s religion, faith or sect. God will decided who is good and who is bad.

    We can not make these judgements. Muslim or Non-Muslim

  31. A very touching article! Its sad to read some hate filled posts from people who I guess have become immune to violence. They fail to understand and recognize that persecution against Ahmadis is state-sanctioned. This fact (presence of anti-Ahmadi laws in Pakistan) differentiates Lahore attacks from other attacks on Shias etc. Why is it so difficult to understand???

  32. The Pakistanis should remember what happened to Ali Butto as well as General Zia ul Haq, they both attacked the Ahmadis till they perished. These are lessons for the mullahs. As for the Ahmadis may Allah grant us peace and security.

    • Nations who don’t learn from their past and try to change the histiory are destroyed and history only remember them as failed nations as Pakistan is fastly becoming one.

  33. I am an Ahmadi. That was deep, and so true. Very well written. My heart bleeds for my fellow Ahmadi’s…May Allah give patience to those who lost loved ones, heal the injured and May He elevate the status of the martyrs in…Ameen.

    “Allah Himself takes revenge for every drop of blood spilled by a martyr.”

  34. One Question…
    Being a Pakistani irrespective of your religion, you are taught repeatedly about ‘The Day of Judgement’ and it’s reality. So what is the reality?
    The ‘Day of Judgment’ is the day when Allah shall judge you. Judge you based on what you ask me? Weather you followed a path, a life style He sent for you, in the shape of a text book, The Holy Quran. 
    What does the ‘Quran’ say you ask me? It tells you to be a certain person called a ‘Muslim’. What is a muslim you ask me? A muslim is a person who follows the Islam, The way of life prescribed by Allah Almighty.
    Summary of Life since it’s inception: We are going through an exam and Allah on the day of judgement will decide who among us passed or failed. He will decide who amongst us ‘IS’ or ‘ISN’T’ a muslim.
    Now my turn! My question? : The goverment of Pakistan via it’s decleration in 1974 and implementation in 1984’ has already decided who ‘IS’ or ‘ISN’T’ a muslim. Does it mean that they have (nauzubillah) taken on Allah’s decision unto themselves.
    What is it called when someone (nauzubillah) assume the Powers of Allah, Shirk. What is Shirk you ask me?

    The Only unforgivable Act in the Eyes of Allah.
    … Just a Question.
    Disclaimer? I dare not call anyone an infidel, only God shall judge you and me.

    From a blog:


  35. Thank you Afzar. Ofcourse, there is no place in Islam for terrorism. We can only prosper if we remove these prejudices from their core. This cannot happen overnight. For the countless muslims in Pakistan who have been brainwashed to believe that Ahmadis are “enemies of Islam” it is important to come down to their mental level and be able to explain our beliefs. Enlightened Muslims around the world understand that God is the only Judge of faith and that we are responsible for our own actions first. Unfortunately, the mentality of the masses is influenced by Mullahs who tell them that Ahmadis are “Wajibul-Kattal.” I wish that there were more of us out there to make a real change in this mentality. All we can do is use these forums to try to reach out to the masses and change peoples basic mentalities and prejudices at their core. I pray for peace in Pakistan.

  36. Pakistan was created on the name of Islam which means PEACE and therefore this state must be MOST PEACEFUL state at the earth. But unfortunately it is completely different. Have we ever thought about it? I am sure this is not result of teachings of the Holy Qur`an and our Holy master Mohammed (pbuh). Do you know that there is a saying of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) that a time will come when the most worse people at the face of this earth will be Ulama (scholars) from my Umatt (followers). Meaning illiterate and ignorant religious scholars. Unfortunately we pakistani possess exactly such scholars. To me the major reason of disorder in Pakistan is that majority of my fellow citizens follow these illiterate and ignorant religious leaders who misguide us about the religion and teach us hatred. Let us join hands to get rid of this disease. May God help us and guide these Mullas. Ameen!

  37. A very heart-touching piece indeed. Thanks Mr Khan. It is however ironic that while the terrorists who kill innocents call themselves the guardian of Islam, and those who are martyred while in the service of the Almighty are called non-Muslims. There is a limit to hypocrisy

  38. Well said.

    We need more ordinary non-Ahmadi muslims like you, coming out of their comfort zones and breaking their silence.

    To face up against an archaic system held up by violent bloody extremists takes guts, but if all decent Pakistanis want a country to be proud of, a country to feel confident raising their children in, a country to enjoy then you must all stand up now. Do not think the extremists will just stop with us. Take a look at how the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

  39. So let it be for Allah to decide whether we are Muslims or not, or whether our mosques should be called mosques or not.

    • Noma , i really cant care any less if you are ahmadi or non ahmadi, muslim, sunni, shia or yabbadabbadoo. in real life it is your actions that define you and not your religion.
      As for law defining or non law defining (lets not complicate things over here), as per the scripture that is followed says thing very clearly.
      If we are to discuss something we have to have some concurrence.
      There was a massacre of humanity in its absolute entirety and we as pakistanis should be ashamed and put up a major fight against these miscreants

  40. After all this pain and heartache, I believe there will be some good to come out of the sacrifices of our Ahmadi brothers. These discussions are good ones, because we are raising awareness. The hearts of ordinary people are good and they dont know where to turn. Their government as well as their religious leaders have misguided them. Many people have been so brainwashed in Pakistan, that they don’t even know what Ahmadis are or what they believe, but have become conditioned to hate without reason. The ones who should be explaining the Ahmadi viewpoint are the Ahmadis themselves. Ahmadi Muslims profess that “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.” I am an Ahmadi and let me make clear our difference. We believe, like all other Muslims, that there is only one God. We believe, like all other Muslims, that Muhammad is the Last Law Bearing Prophet. We believe, like all other Muslims, that a Reformer or Messiah will come in the dark days of Islam when people like the Taliban are misguiding the Muslims. We believe, unlike all other Muslims, that the Messiah has already come.

  41. The attack on ahmadi’s mosque was an act against humanity and freedom of religious belief. More than 2 thousand people have died in the last 2 years muslims and non mulims included; all were killed by the same enemy “Talibans” basically “Kharijee” sect of muslims (I will go with the common perception that they are muslims, but actually they are not). They only believe in the violence and killing anyone who does not agree with their thinking. They only take Hazrat Abu bakr and Hazrat Umer as the khalifas and do not accept Hazrat Usman and Hazrat Ali as khalifa even. apart from all this there are a lot of major differences.
    Now coming to the point of ahmadi’s being muslims or not ? Muslims believe in oneness of god and Mohammad being the last prophet of god. The ahmadis do believe the first part but do not take Mohammad to be the last prophet. So we can say that there is a clear difference in what we believe. Muslims and jews are the closest religions that I have seen, but still there are 2 different religions. That does not imply that muslims should be killed by jews or the other way round.
    It is painful to see so many innocent lives lost in the name of religion or sect here in Pakistan, please accept my condolences and we stand by you in this time of grief.

  42. This is not entirely true…for sure he wrote it in a sympathetic manner…..but one thing is for sure they are non-muslims and there places of worship are not mosques for muslims……..

    Ahmadi’s are our Pakistani brothers and subject of this state like us, we shed tears on their loss and are with them in times of grief. Let us unite and make Pakistan a better place. Reject extremism and political gains in name or faith. Lets us turn to innovation, modernity and science.

    • Hamza, I believe it is up to Allah almighty to make that decision on whether someone is a muslim or not. It is not the house you are born in but how you live your life for starters. How dare you try and assume his role as Judge. We Ahmadi Muslims live our life in peace, and if we have differences in Islamic interpretation does that give you the right to Judge? The problem with Pakistan is there are too many people like you wanting to play Judge and Jury. You are like a school boy trying to mark his colleagues paper. We are ALL living a life test, but it is Allah whole will mark our tests.

    • Hamza let me tell a little story. 1974 I studied with a “Muslim” wo was in the eyes of then parliament a Muslim. He drank, ate swine flesh, he used to live with a white girl and he gambled.Idiots like you have no sense that what religion is all about that is why Hazrat Mohammad Musthfa SaS said 1500 years ago that Allah only knows what lies in the heart of a person.

  43. I am not an Ahmedi, for that matter I am no body, except a plain simple muslim. Who lives and also lets live. I am incapable of judging others, as this mantle is for God alone. Only He will decide finally who is a better person.

    I was born in a muslim household not by my choice, but by God. However what I did after I was born will decide whether I am a better person in my own eyes and in front of my God.

    Whatever happened last Friday on May 28, 2010 was both unfortunate and wrong. I will condemn it whole heartedly and will never be a party to it. My humble suggestion to all my brothers and sisters is that we all should try to act according to the dictates of our conscience and be answerable only to God for all our actions. So other words it more important to be a better person than a muslim by name only.

  44. I am a Canadian Ahmadi and I am extremely disturbed by these events. May Allah grant peace to those in Pakistan, and a good dose of COMMON SENSE to the corrupt state of Pakistan.
    As the Ahmadi woman who was offered flowers from a Pakistani official said, “Go give these to your Prime Minister.”

    God will surely invoke his wrath on those who have committed these heinous acts and taken the lives of thousands of innocents. May they all rest in peace. Amen.

  45. I am an ahmadhi. I watched the carnage of May 28th with disbelief. Today again I watched Jinnah hospital being attacked and thought when will the people of Pakistan wake up, and put an end to this? I felt very grateful that so many Pakistanis were offering their condolences and supported to us at this time. But now I implore you do more. I ask the Pakistani people to stop turning a blind eye to the hate that is constantly hurled at ahmadhis or other people. I implore the Pakistani people to stop aiding the fundamentalists who are brain washing the masses. I beg the Pakistanis to recognize that the state is aiding all this activity. As an ahmadhi I do not ask all this for the plight of the ahmadhis, as we have learned to live with this and will continue to do so. Our belief is that God is with us, and he will ultimately take care of us. I implore you not for myself or my Jamaat but for Pakistan…. This is time to take drastic measures and save this country!!!

  46. Great article. Though I have a problem with the disclaimer. Why are you ‘proud’ to be a Pakistani?

  47. I am an Brazilian-bron Ahmadi from Mexico. My heart bleeds for my fellow Pakistani Ahmadis who were killed in the Friday attack. Love for All Hatred for None. I believe in the Messia.

  48. I am an Ahmadi too. The difference is I’m born and live in America and I’m African American. Most of the readers to on this blog I’m sure know history of the so called Negro, Colored,or Black people in America. This history seems to have parrlel similarities with Ahmadi’s in Pakistan. I know Ahmadi’s in Pakistan are persecuted based upon belief and Blacks in America were and some places still are persecuted for their color. However the characteristics of the persecution are the same. Civil and government condoned persection. When such barbaric acts of violence can be carried out and not responded to by the civil authorities for 2 and 1/2 hours such as the case in the May 28 massacre, how can government say it is not condoned. I am outraged of this occurrence and saddened that Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man still can be so blantantly displayed. All UN nations should in one voice condem this act and demand Pakistan repeal it’s blasphemy laws or suffer the consequences of their resolutions against Pakistan. And Pakistan should seek out the partipants and organizers of the May 28Th massacre and make an example of them to show that this will not be tolerated. This is the least that a Muslim government should do. May Allah help us all.

  49. this is an outrage innocent people are being killed the real deathtoll at the moment is 94 and over 125 injured
    i am an ahmadi and even if we arent “muslim” then were does it say in islam that its ok to kill anybody because thier beliefs are different!?????

  50. I am proud of what I am and what I believe in, with all the prejudices i still choose to live in Pakistan. I have friends who I am proud of, and this makes living easier.

  51. You dont need to become an ahmadi to condemn these terrorist acts.This is shameful acts to whomever become victims. These terrorist now clearly proven not human. Now it become clear to me.

  52. I am a British born Ahmadi Muslim – proud of being both.

    Our fundamental message of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ is embedded within the depths of every Ahmadi Muslim’s heart….. Islam means peace and we Have, and Inshallah will continue to prevail this message to the corners of the earth.

    ‘One life lost in bloodshed, is one life too many’

    Pakistan needs to, has to, stop bleeding or it shall ultimately die itself…. The nation which means the land of the pure, ironically is demonstrating everything but that…. We are All children of our creator…. We all may be born into different families with different sets of beliefs and values, we may all be different shades of the same colour, we may like and dislike things from each other , yet, we All breathe the same air, All our hearts beat in the same manner, and we are All God’s children.

    For the future of God’s every children, let us unite in peace … In Pakistan and across the world.

  53. Beautifully written piece, Waj. Thanks.

    One of the 94 Ahmadis murdered by Tehrike Taliban in the Lahore mosque attacks was Major General Nasir Ahmad.

    A non-Ahmadi friend called me after the bombings to check my family was ok. He told me that when his father was Pakistan military attaché in London years’ ago, Major General Nasir Ahmad (then a Major or Colonel) was in the UK on a military training course, and had contacted him shortly before the 1965 war with India to ask that he be put on the next available flight back to Pakistan “even if he had to be strapped to the belly of a plane” because “there was no way he would let his regiment go to war against India without him”.

    In 1947 and for decades afterwards, none of the brave Pakistani soldiers, airmen or sailors could have imagined that the country they fought for and loved could degenerate so rapidly into one where a sick minority would happily attack other Pakistanis and Pakistani soldiers, policemen, intelligence officers, and even Pakistan’s Army GHQ.

    The Ahmadi General survived the 1965 war, but not his visit to the mosque in Lahore last Friday.

    I pray for Pakistan and those who love it and wish to shield it from harm.

  54. I am an Ahmadi today
    and an Ahmadi I will stay
    Ask a mother this day
    Ask a sister this may
    about the one they lost
    about those lives it cost
    I did that today
    and my heart bled all day
    my family lost four
    my family lost more
    ask about the red kaffan of a brother
    ask about the mutilated face of another
    I did that today
    And our Khalifa says Pray, pray, pray

  55. We must stop prioritizing and shedding blood for love of human beings. Follow Quran only. Only what ever is there in quran follow it. Shia stop emphasis/celebrating Ahle Bait, sunni stop millad nabi celebration, Ahmedi stop drawing infrances from books by Mirza Ahmed. Just pirely follow BOOK( AL QURAN). Quran says, no prophet has the power to take you to jannat. Its your own deed which will take you to jannat. If prophet cant take us to jannat, then why kill others for them. Disassociate from all sects. Be what you are. As per Quran, Always say you are on the religion of Abrahim. Its a sin to say you are on shai/qadiyani/muhammadi/agha khani/bhaiee etc.ONLY ALLAH & ALLAH. This world will be beautiful

  56. To discuss this topic dispassionately is almost impossible. I have similar shame, sorrow, feeling of helplessness and finally anger, as a result of these shameful acts. But as I said earlier, we need to dicsuss the root cause. A lot of effort is being spent in trying to prove how Ahmadis understand the prophet to be. This is not the issue. Killings in Pakistan are done for a variety of reasons, this event is just another one of those. I bet the number of Shias killed by Sunni extremists is fairly huge. Even the counter killings by Shia extremists on Sunnis might be higher than the total number of Ahmadis killed so far. The key difference between atrocities against others and those against Ahmadis is in the kind of role the State plays. In the former case, the atrocities are by individuals or groups of religious zealots. In the latter’s case, it is State sponsored. It is well known that, beginning with our so called smartest politician ever (ZAB), the State branded a group of people in a way that laid down the path of these killings. This flagrant misuse of State authority mixed with the ‘I don’t give a damn or worse, it serves them right’ attitude of the silent majority gave the crazy zealots not a nudge but a push. I am not saying anything new here except that it is immaterial whether Ahmadis agree with the finality of prophethood or not (and I believe that they do with all their heart). If we were to solve this atrocity based on this argument, what are we going to do when the crazies turn towards someone else and I assure you that THEY WILL. On the lighter side if there is one, may be the only possible solution to curb this irrationality can be that all good folks from all sects should convert to Ahmadiya sect and declare everyone who does not follow suit non-Muslims. I am in by the way.

  57. First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialist
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist
    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

  58. Here is a video that has emerged today. It was recorded by an Ahmadi inside the masjid being attacked on Friday.

    Please fear Allah and stop calling us non-muslims.

  59. I hear a strange story:
    I see grief and sorrow everywhere.
    Pillage, plunder and massacre by numerous armies,
    I see left and right.
    I see many men of little importance
    Masquerading as teachers and scholars.

    Religion and faith do I find weak and defenceless;
    Alas! I see this sad state is a source of pride and glory for the heretic.
    I see the compassionate friends of every nation shamefully disgraced and deserted.

    I see that appointment and dismissal of public officers
    Is frequent and of little importance.
    I see enmity and dispute
    Between the Turk and the Tajik.
    I see hypocrisy, deceit, and guile everywhere,
    And among the high and the low.

    And shrines, the abode of peace,
    Have become the place of rendezvous of mischief mongers.
    If peace can be found anywhere,
    I see it only on the top of the mountains.
    Although I see all these tribulations, yet I do not despair;
    For I rejoice in having a sympathetic friend.

    After a year or so,
    I see a different picture of the world.
    I see a monarch who is the essence of wisdom—
    A stately and graceful leader.
    Analogies need to be interpreted,
    As I do not see these things while fully awake.
    Immediately after the passage of twelve hundred years, 1
    I see terrible things happening.
    On the mirror of the conscience of the world,
    I see the dust and rust of sin.

    The tyranny of tyrants in all the countries
    I see immense and immeasurable.
    I see revolts, wars, disorder and injustice
    Within the land and on its borders.
    I see that the slave has become like his master;
    And the master I see like a slave.
    I see that any one who is befriended by adversity
    Is under a heavy burden and embarrassed.

    I see that a new coin is struck,
    Whose value is less than it seems.
    I see that the rulers of the seven kingdoms
    Are at dagger’s drawn, each with the other.
    I see the face of the moon darkened
    And the heart of the sun I see wounded. 2

    I see the trader helpless and forlorn in the middle of his journey
    Far away from his destination.
    I find India in a wretched state
    I see the tyrannies of the Turks and the destruction.
    I see that trees in the orchard of the world
    Are barren and without fruit.

    I find that Unanimity, Contentment and Seclusion
    Are the best recourse at this time.
    But do not grieve, for in the midst of these anxieties,
    I envision the joy of meeting the Sweetheart.
    When the unfruitful winter 3 is over,
    I envision the rising of the sun of a happy spring.

    When his 4 tenure comes to its successful end,
    I see that he will be succeeded by his illustrious son. 5
    I foresee that aristocrats and nobles
    Will become his faithful disciples.
    I see that this exalted ruler will be
    The monarch of all the seven continents.

    He resembles the Holy Prophet (sa) in his appearance
    And I find him to be of placid disposition and scholarly deportment.
    I see his hand shining like the white hand of Moses
    And in his hand I see the Dhulfiqar.6
    I smell the fragrance of the Garden of the Law of Islam
    I see the flower of the Faith blooming and flourishing.

    Extending up to forty years 7, O my brothers,
    I see the ministry of this champion.
    I see the sinners ashamed and out of countenance
    Before this immaculately innocent Imam.
    I see that he is God’s soldier, defender of friends and killer of the foe;
    He is compassionate and faithful like the Friend of the Cave. 8

    I see the beauty of Sharia enhanced in his time,
    And Islam flourishing on a sound footing.
    I see the treasures of Chosroes and wealth of Alexander
    All being disbursed for the cause of the Faith.
    I see him as the universally accepted leader;
    The whole world following him faithfully.

    I see the name of that illustrious personage written
    And I read: Alif, Ha, Mim, and Dal. 9
    With his advent I see that the faith the world shall prosper;
    And mankind will float upon a wave of good fortune.
    I see that he is the Mahdi and the Messiah of the age
    And he is the champion in both capacities.

    I see the whole world has become like one big city;
    And his justice is the fortress for one and all.
    This monarch of mine will have seven ministers
    Each will be an excellent administrator.
    In the hands of this Cup-bearer of Tauhid,
    I see a sweet and delicious wine.
    I see the rusted swords of the iron-hearted champions
    Blunt and discredited.
    The wolf and the sheep and the lion and the deer
    I see them all grazing in peace and without fear.
    I see that the wary and the vigilant Turk are slack
    And their enemy is inebriated. 10

    I see Ni‘matullah sitting smug in a corner,
    Aloof and indifferent to everything.

    – Shah Naimatullah Wali (d. 1431)

  60. today I read your article – . The ahmadi motto – love for all hatred for non is one all pakistanis need to live by

  61. Salam Mr Khan
    As i was reading the article i coudnt stop crying. I pray to Allah that may all this end and never ever happend again
    Thankyou for writing this i will share it with EVERYONE!

  62. I AM an ahmadi. I pray 5 times a day, I offer fasts, I believe that “there is NO prophet after Hazrat Muhammad pbuh”. Then why am i called a non-muslim? I want to stand up for my country by beng a politician, and i do NOT care about money or power. But I care about my Country. But I cannot be a politician, as i have to be one under the non-muslim category! Unfair, no? My hopes and dreams of becoming the greatest leader for pakistan(after the quaid) have been CRUSHED.

    • if u do believe that there is absolutely no prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) than do consult your ahmadi sect again.

  63. People the links given above about ahmadi religion are false and misleading as these websites are created by ahmadi organizations.
    Let me clear to you all the differences:
    Firstly That the prophecies concerning the second coming of Jesus were metaphorical in nature and not literal, and that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad fulfilled in his person these prophecies and the second advent of Jesus, that he was the promised Mahdi and Messiah
    Secondly, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that Muhammad brought prophethood to perfection and was the last law-bearing prophet and the apex of man’s spiritual evolution. New prophets can come but they must be subordinate to Muhammad and cannot exceed him in excellence nor alter his teaching or bring any new law or religion.[33] The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement believes that Muhammad is the last of the prophets and no prophet, new or old, can come after him.[34]

  64. Mr. Wajahat S. Khan has nicely portrayed ‘I am an Ahmadi’, really my heart is as much hurt as any other Pakistani’s after hearing about terrorism in Lahore, but I disagree with him at certain points. Why do Ahmadis believe they have been targeted because they are Ahmidis, they have been targeted because they are Pakistanis, and whoever hands are responsible do want to see Pakistan as a destabilize state. For that they can blindly target and use anyone anywhere. Everyone knows Pakistan is in great crises and can not dare to strand against India openly even having evidences against involvements of Indian Intelligence in destabilising the country.
    I am very surprised to read your narration ‘‘I also wish my attackers had chosen another date’’, you had invented the weapon to counter all weapons.’’ Why don’t you own May 28, if Pakistan is a nuclear state it means you are also a nuclear state citizen.
    Also you write ‘I wish I could give you a hug this Eid. I wish I could say “asalamalaikum” and “eid mubarak” to you as well.’
    This is an extreme level exaggeration; I have seen many Ahmids exchanging all this with other Pakistanis.
    I am not a religious person but would like to ask all Ahmadis, in Quran it is clearly stated Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is the seal of the prophets (last messenger of Allah) and every Muslims has to believe this then why do not you, why do you behave differently?
    Can you deny of being supported by Israel? When you behave differently then you should accept you will be treated differently.
    Attacks on Ahmidis are actually attacks on every Sunni, Shia, Punjabi, Pashtoon, Baloch, Sindhi, Memon, Gujrati, Siraiki, Makrani infcat on evey Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Parsi whoever is part of Pakistan.
    I would like to listen you and your history;

    • First of All, Quran doesnt say “Khatam-e-nabuwat” instead Allah used the word “Khatam un nabiyeen”…. “an nabeeyeen” all the prophets have passed away before Holy prophet peace be upon him….

      the word “Khatam” is used as an idiom in arabs which means “the best” “TOP status”.

      You must have heard about Bo Ali Sina the very famou physician…with his name arab use “khatam al ateeba” meaning no physician has higher status than Bo Ali Sina
      Fomous poet Mutanabee is known as “khatam ul shura al mutanabee”

      When Holy prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him put his hand on the shoulder of Hazrat Ali rz and said, “you are khatam-ul-uliyah just like i am khatam-un-nabiyeen”

      So after Hazrat Ali rz’s demise, do you think uliyah stopped coming ? what about all the great uliyah in the history?
      What about physician and poets.

      The only meaning Khatam has is “The best” Higher States.

  65. I am an Ahmadi and I thank you all for sharing in our loss. As we bury our dead, we share in the loss of many other mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives who have lost their loved ones in senseless attacks carried in the name of Allah, who we all at least agree on. It is time for Pakistanis to demand equal rights and freedom for all including religious freedom. I am reminded of a poem of the great Muslim scholar Ibn Arabi, who wrote these words at the height of the Crusades against Muslim. I hope our leaders, politicians and those who take people’s lives who they do not know or have never met can take a lesson from this great Muslim sage:

    “The inner space inside that we call the heart
    has become many different living scenes and stories.

    A pasture for sleek gazelles,
    a monastery for Christain monks,
    a temple with Shiva dancing,
    a kabba for pilgrimage.

    The tablets of Moses are there,
    the Quran, the Vedas,
    the status, and the gospels.

    Love is the religion in me.
    Whichever way love’s camel goes,
    that way becomes my faith,
    the source of beuty, and a light
    of sacredness over everything.”


  66. I am a muslim who believes in the Messiah. I am a muslim who believes in “Love for all and hatred for none”. I am a muslim who believes that killing one human being is like killing the entire mankind. I am a muslim who will not react to violence thru violence. I will use prayer instead. My strongest weapon is prayer. I will pray for you Waji. JazakAllah!!!

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  68. Asalam u Aliekum to all ,
    it is very sad to see all the bad things happenning in Pakistan , Bomb Blasts , Economy , Corruption and etc…as for what occured at Ahmedi Mosque that is also a tragedy but please whom ever you are don’t make it seem like it’s like that only toward you because Ahmedi also own some of the Top buisnesses in Pakistan one of them is SHEZAN which has been in works for over 40yrs but you did not mention that at all , i have many Ahmedis in Pakistan Working in Great positions of the Govt and private sector. The way you are applying yourself here is like an outcast but in reality you are alomost living the same way as any other Pakistani …I am deeply hurt by the incident in Lahore @ The 2 Mosques but whole Pakistan is in mourning mode since the war against terrorism ….May ALLAH Bless each one of us with happiness ! Ameen Suma Ameen

    • please open your eyes you montioned Shezan which is owned by the an Ahmai, you off course you must have hundreds if not thousands of posters to tell the fathful to byecot Shezan and would not see a sigle poster telling the Muslims of this country byecotting Pepsi and cocacola and other Jewish owned multi nationals and of course Macdonald.

  69. My cousin’s 34 year old son Umair was killed yesterday at the Model Town mosque (let’s not use euphemisms, it is a mosque). He was killed in a most horrible way imaginable. He was a father of two children: a 4 and 1 year old. he was a handsome, gentle person who wanted the best for his country. We Ahmadis are peaceful people and the kind words are appreciated. The rot in Pakistan has to stop as it is bound one day to consume all people of good will.

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  72. Sad day indeed. But another sad day as so many people are being killed in these suicide attacks and bomb blasts all over Pakistan every day, sunnis, ahmedis, shias and others. What matters is not the sect but the loss of innocent life whichever creed, religion or lack thereof it belongs to. What Pakistan needs is a bloody revolution. Everyone needs to come out and drag all these corrupt and incapable politicians and officials out from their offices and homes and take over. Wake up Pakistan before there is no Pakistan left. People who have foreign nationalities will also escape but all of you who have no such alternative will have to stay back to bear more injustice and attacks. Right now it’s bomb blasts away from your homes. Soon these talibans will be sitting inside your homes and at your gates dictating to you what to believe and how to live your lives, taking over your land, property, lives! What will you do then?

    My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones in these attacks on the two mosques in Lahore and to those who have lost them before. Sad times indeed. Another Iraq and Afghanistan in the making.

    • Sara Jafari your comment is it self bais, because when Shia are attacked, they attack and retaliate, when sunny are attecked, they do the same, however when you have ever heard an Ahmadi attacking any one For God sake open your eyes to realities and for once realise that the Monster that “so called Shaheed” Bhuto and Zia created is eating up the whole fabric of society. I am a Pakistan but I am ashamed to one.

  73. “And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: ‘They are dead.’ Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not. (The Noble Quran, 2:154)”



  74. I’m glad there was a disclaimer at the end of the comment saying the author was not Ahmadi, because all the discrimination aside, no true Ahmadi wishes he/she was anyone else. We are Muslims who believe in the Reformer and the Messiah prophesied by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), and no law on on the planet can take this away from us. God will be the judge of us, and the judge of those who perpetrate these crimes of hate. Their punishment will be more severe as they do this in the name of Islam. Ahmadies are loyal to whichever country they live in, according to the instructions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), and we will keep on hoping and praying that some of the other Muslims follow the sunnah of the Prophet they claim to love and stop committing atrocities that only disgrace the name of Islam all over the world. Islam spread because of the most beautiful conduct of the Holy Prophet (saw), and the only way to spread it again is to follow the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw). It is sad and amusing at the same time that Ahmadis are told by law NOT to follow that sunnah, that if they repeat the words of the kalimah they can go to jail for 3 years!

  75. What makes me cry out loud that instead of the devastated attacks and blood shed. The so called Muslim scholars were not agreeing to say that Ahamdis were praying Namaz and it was not a Mosque it was a worship place and bodies are not burried to RABWAH they are burried to Chenab Nagar.. You could be a little sympathetic only for that one single day at least for the families of the people who died.. just one single day….you have been so harsh and rude on us.. a small thing could have made us feel a lil better…

    and what did we said after all that

    ” We leave all to God’s Hand”

  76. ahmadi or not,we are all human beings,one should not do such thing to another.my condolences….

  77. Its time to change.. and unless we realise that, Pakistan cannot go any further and will not go any further.
    I am not against pakistan I am a true pakistani born and bred! but this kind of action and the fact that politicians are sitting silently and not doing anything about it will bring this country to its knees and in fact it has brought it to its knees!
    Thanks everone for their messages of support. I hope Allah gives us the strength to move on from this ordeal and make us learn from our own mistakes.

  78. The Pakistan penal code says

    “1) Any person of the Quadiani group or the Lahori group (who call themselves ‘Ahmadis’ or by any other name who by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation-
    (d) refers to, or names, or calls, his place of worship a “Masjid”; shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine. ” (I have omitted other parts which prescribes interesting punishments for other activities of the Ahmadis)”

    Ofcourse, your passport application is no big deal, because the country’s constitution (which all of us are bound by) does one better:

    ” ‘non-Muslim’ means a person who is not a Muslim and includes a person belonging to the Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or Parsi community, a person of the Quadiani Group or the Lahori Group who call themselves ‘Ahmadis’ or by any other name or a Bahai, and a person belonging to any of the Scheduled Castes.”

    And the oath of office

    “I , ___________, do solemnly swear that I am a Muslim…”

    Shame on Pakistan- How and WHY pakistan call itself a DEMOCRACY??

    This country will never become a democracy untill it starts to accept minorities.

    Iam an Ahmady and Iam a Muslim- Allhamdulillah.

  79. people who are killing Ahmadis have forgottern the fine teaching of the Holy Phrophet Muhmmad (saw)

  80. good piece.

    we as muslims and pakistanis have unfortunately become a bit desensitized to these attacks due to their relative frequency in our homeland (e.g. bhutto assisination, attacks on various shia masjids, the shia attack last ashura in karachi, etc.) and in other muslim countries. the big difference in this case though is that the government has not condemned these attacks and unfortunately, has even contributed to them. if there is any good that can come out of these attacks, it will be the light of shame that will shine upon those who did nothing to condemn those responsible, and maybe, just maybe, public opinion will change and the government’s stance on ahmadis will grow softer.

    ultimately, the only way pakistan can free itself from the crushing grip of these radical lunatic extremists is to go the way of secularism. the government must have no part in reglion.

    the history of islam if full of secular states, and indeed during the birth, growth, and goldgen age of islam, it existed apart and seperate from the state. it is only during the modern age, that we see a true islamic state in which laws and constitutions are deeply rooted in islam. and it is during this period that we also see a rise in extremism and radical views of what islam should be and how minorities, women, etc., should be treated under it.

    if we want pakistan and islam as a whole to move into the modern age and thrive in the world, we must seperate church and state. only then, when people are all treated equally under secular laws can a nation thrive and move forward, and only then can we rid ourselves of the tryranny of these barbarians.

  81. this is honestly a heartbreaking event, for everyone, but especially the ahmadis. also, it is very sad that these people dont open up their eyes to the truth, their religion does not teach them whatever they are doing. they have really done it once again.. and i hope this is the end of it.

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  83. I am disappointed but glad that all of us are true Pakistani’s. It a tragedy that a radical dictator can declare anybody non Muslim, it a tragedy that we have forgotten the teaching of quran and prophet. It a tragedy that we don’t care about our own brother…..
    .Im proud to be a Pakistani, We all wouldn’t tolerate such act of cowardliness . Please let join hands and finish the system of moral devalue, corruption, disrespect and ignorance

  84. I am sad and cant express my feeling But would like to give one point ahmedis are pakistani shias are pakistani sunnis are pakistani those terrorist dont care. they will kill any body who oppose them they have killed thousands of sunni and shias which mean some thing this time it was the turn of poor ahmedis they find a soft target. what pakistani govt have done in the past was wrong and by the passage of time these thing can be changed but we must fight it together as one not separately

  85. Have any one tell me if an Ahmadie ever been disloyal to Pakistan. We can’t because we reagard “loyalty to once country is part of faith”( Quran). Please read the History of Pakistan these so called Mullahs were against Qaid-Azam and formation of Pakistan. On the other hand Ahmadies have given tower personalities like Ch. Zafurallah Khan ( Pakistan Foreign Minister, UNO General Secretary, President of Hague…Intl. peace court). Dr. Abdus Salam (First ever Muslim Noble Prize winner in science). General Akther Hussain Malik and Genearl Abdul Malik ( Heros of 1965 war against India).
    Prophet Mohammad PBUH protected the lives and property of Christian, Jewas, Sabians and non-muslims. Now can I ask these corrupted politicians and mullahs that what Islam they claim and on what basis they turn there head away when innocent people are butchered. Friends, this cancer itself is a
    threat to survival of Pakistan. Please Please Please give me one example where Ahmadies were disloyal to Pakistan, despite they have given there blood and property more than any other Pakistani and this is my humble challenge.

  86. Pakistan is controlled by corrupted politicians. Havet we not experienced Govt. of Butto’s and Sharif’s. In Punjab Mullahs have alliance with Sharif’s brother and Zardari’s known to be most corrupted person Pakistan ever know. My heart bleed for Pakistan and it won’t survive unless we get rid of extreme cancer and dirty politicians. Wake up Pakistan …… Qaid- Azam Pakistan supposed to be based on justice not anarchy.

  87. As I write this e-mail I am watching burial proceedings of 90 martyrs on television. Friends it’s not enough just to show sympathy because if you don’t start talking about this at each and every level of the society this extremist cancer will eat up Pakistan.

    Trust me when I tell you this Govt. officials are corrupt and there loyalties and interest changes as the wind changes the direction.

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  89. asalaamalikum, ur article says “The rest of u were given a different story. Unlike u, I was not a “a person who believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad”. But nobody really asked me what I believed in. Why?” …

    i ask u today because i sincerely am interested. What do Ahmedis believe in?

    • My heart goes out to my Ahmadi brothers who lost their lives in this carnage and their families. A person who dies for what he believes in is a martyr and so in my book those slain in this attack are martyrs.
      To your question: What do Ahmedis believe in? I would like to point out that among the Ahmedi’s are two viewpoints – and two Jamaats, the Qadiani and the Lahore sections. You have heard from some Ahmadi’s of the Qadiani section what they believe but I would like to state the other viewpoint as well. The Ahmadi’s of the Lahore section believe in the unqualified finality of prophethood and that after Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), no prophet either new or one that sojourned on earth before him can come. We believe Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement to be a mujaddid like mujaddid’s have come before him e.g. Mujaddid Alif Sani. The work of the mujaddid is to revive Islam in its pristine purity and not to bring in any new innovation. That is why, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad always stated about his beliefs that his beliefs were those of the Ahl Sunnat wal Jamaat.

      That he claimed to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi we admit and believe him to be so. But Messiah is not to be interpreted literally as the Prophet Issa who lived and passed away before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was common among the Arabs to give persons titles in accordance with the work they did or their special attributes. For example, the famous general Khalid bin Walid was given the title “Saif Ullah” – the Sword of God or the famous narrator of hadith Abu Hurrairah – The Father of Cats – was so called because of his kindness to cats. Neither of them was literally either the Sword of God or the Father of Cats. The Hadith refer to the coming of Messiah and Mahdi in the later times. The Lahore section believes that these are figurative titles that refer to the work the Mujaddid of the fourteenth century was to do i.e. the defense of Islam against the Christian attacks and the bringing home to them of the point that their religion was not the religion of Prophet Issa (PBUH) for which he was called Messiah and the revival of Islam for which he was called Mahdi.

      It is difficult in a short note to discuss all of the theological issues but suffice it to say that we Ahmadi’s of the Lahore section believe in the unqualified finality of prophethood with Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We also believe that these were the views of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement as well.

      For more information visit the website: AAIIL.org or Muslim.org

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  91. Poignant article. Once we Sunnis are done killing all the Ahmadis, it will be the Shia next, followed by the Barelvi, followed by some other idiotic distinction. As a muslim (born in a Sunni household), I genuinely can’t see how anyone who offers their prayers, eats halal meat and worships one Allah is a non-muslim. Why would I call someone who admits to being a muslim, a non-muslim.

    There are many interpretations, nuances and reformers and while I genuinely believe that the founder of Ahmadiism was not a prophet, I respect him as a scholar and reformer and would never disrespect his followers. Thats called Haqquq ul Ibad. I’m very ashamed of what my countrymen have done and continue to do to the downtrodden and weak and I really can’t say things will change for a long time…

  92. Lots of innocent lives claimed by terrorists, this time the target was Ahmadis, this is indeed an unfortunate country where nobody’s saved however the matter of worry for me is some people are celebrating this tragedy and supporting Taleban for doing only-one-good-act. What a weird country we are.

    They don’t see an innocent live is lost, they judge deadbodies on the basis of religion.

  93. I pray for literacy of those minds behind this hidious act, which would enlighten their minds and hearts beginning their transformation from the dark age bafoons they are towards being human beings.
    My heart aches for my fellow Pakistanis.

  94. Yes Wajahat, if today we do not stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ahmadis, then we surely forfeit our right to be called Muslims and Pakistanis.

  95. Well said – we are all,in our own way, Ahmadis. One of my best friends is one and has had to hide it from just about everyone for fear of the judgments most of the ‘educated’ pass on anyone who doesn’t share the ‘right’ beliefs…..

  96. Pakistani’s are the only people who kill there own people. They don’t care for life….? Is this what religion teaches? Why don’t let others live in peace?

  97. I love Islam more than any other religion. I love my fellow Pakistanis more than any other Pakistani. I love Pakistan more than any other Pakistani. I love to pray for the killer who killed 80 Ahmadies because they also claim to love Prophet of Islam. I love for them to know Prophet Muhammad Islam not these Mullahs who has brain washed them. I love to pray for anyone who is willing to listen.

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  99. I believe that weN other people have problems, they shud just let us be and mind thier own business!!! if we do no harm to u, then u should do NO HARM to US!!!


    May ALLAH Help all who have lost someone!!!!! ALLAH SHAHEEDO KO JANNAT NASEEB KARIEN..AMEEN!!!

  100. I am a Shia Muslim, and i feel for my Ahmedi brothers in Pakistan. Sunni, Shia, Ahmedi, Ismaili all are Muslims…..this Salafist ideology has ruined our country, and so had these asshole Asshole Taliban, we need a secular Islamic state just like Turkey. Anti-Ahmedi laws should be Repealed immediately. Shias too have suffered in Pakistan where they make nearly 30% of the entire Muslim population. We need to sort out things before its too late, and the best way to do it is to spread co-existance and love among fellow Pakistani regarding other sects and increase awareness among the illiterate and tolerant lot in Pakistan. Unity, Faith and Discpline —- Secular state policy.

  101. What a tragedy.
    Cowasjee once wrote in Dawn something to the tune of ” that Ahmadis are the one sect; declared non-Muslims by the State Laws; and yet they will not be allowed the liquor permit to buy booze!”
    these wise words came floating back to my mind as i surfed various websites in search of some semblance of sanity in this mass carnage of today.
    this insanity brings to surface the tragic memories of the Karachi firings on the Imam Bargahs, the attack on life of the Priest; to name a few.
    how long will it take us to grow wise to this persecution of humanity???

  102. I am a proud 4th generation Ahmadi; for I have witnessed the discipline and unity displayed by our uniquely and supremely non-violent sect under all forms of duress. and I am a grateful human who has been blessed with the power of Faith.
    Thank you all for extending your condolences in this time of our grief; irrespective of your individual religious affiliations.
    In my Ahmadi upbringing; I was taught as a child that Love for one’s country is a major portion of your total composition of faith.

  103. I watched live on Geo, horrified at the horrific events unfolding. My religious affiliation doesn’t matter; murdering innocent people worshiping in mosques is utterly despicable. I don’t expect any better from the savages that another poster described as zombies but I do expect better from our government and media.

    How embarrassing to watch officials and reporters constantly taking pains to call what are obviously mosques, places of worship. Even more embarrassing was to see reporters and news tickers make a deliberate switch from calling the worshipers Ahmadis earlier in the coverage to Qadianis later on.

    Even at a time like this, our media cannot let go of their prejudices and hatred. Their words of condolences and sympathy struck very hollow to me when they couldn’t even stand calling Ahmadis what they say they are.

    As petty as it is, this is a reflection of the institutionalised hatred and intolerance that our religious leaders and elected officials have sown in our country. I’m afraid I don’t see Pakistan reversing it’s march towards an abyss of destruction. May God help us all.

  104. Sorry to say. I have lost my faith to pakistani poeple in combating terrorism. Sure you sorry for all victims, but that’s not enough. Really not enough to stop the cruelty. One said that moderate muslim are like vegetarians Although vegetariansfeel sad to animal eaten by human, but they will not move one single step to stop them eaten. You may feel sorry for the loss and the victims but you and I just watching only. What a shame…..

  105. This is a very tragic loss, as it is not only an attack on the Ahmadi community, but also an attack on Humanity.

    Pakistan’s first Foreign Minister was an Ahmadi. There were many other Ahmadi’s who were significant in the creation of Pakistan. This is a reminder of why we must not let ignorance and hate prevail. While we should tolerate beliefs of humanity, we should not tolerant the hate within.

    My heart is with you all, my love is with you all. My heart weeps with you all. My sympathy is with you all.

    May the Ahmadi community overcome this with greater strength, may the laws of discrimination end and may we close this Pandora Box of extremist hatred.

    With Love and Sincere Regards

  106. My husband lost an uncle today.
    So did my sister-in-law.
    My grandmother lost a cousin.

    My heart bleeds and my eyes weep for those innocent souls that were taken. My father-in-law stood outside the mosque walls, and took a step back as he heard the gunshots coming from inside…

    Today, we are all Ahmadis.
    Today, all of Pakistan who feels for the innocent, who cries for the martyred, who prays for the families left behind, are all Ahmadis.

    So what’s it gonna be? Who you gonna target next?
    All of Pakistan? Because today, we are all Ahmadis.

  107. asalaamalikum, ur article says “The rest of u were given a different story. Unlike u, I was not a “a person who believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad”. But nobody really asked me what I believed in. Why?” …

    i ask u today because i sincerely am interested… i would be thankful if u would clear my confusion on what ive been told since childhood. thanx.

    • @ Samreen: Ahmadis believe, through Quranic and Hadith interpretations, that the Beloved Holy Prophet Mohamed (peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) was, in fact, the seal of prophets- the final LAW-BEARING prophet. That is, no other prophet after him shall bring a new law (as he did, as Moses, etc). So other prophets may come, but they will not bring any new teaching (for example, Jesus; he did not bring any new teaching per se, but only reiterated the Mosaic law). This is their belief. So they STILL give the utmost respect and reverence to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as their fellow muslims around the globe do.

      I hope that helped.

      • A person who recites kalima n reads quran n ahadith believed dat Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the seal of prophets n one must know dat prophet(Rasool- with Shariah) is a status which automatically has in itself the status of Massenger(Nabi- without shariah) in it so wen it is said n believed dat Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the seal it means dat seal of all prophets, messengers, rasool, nabi,paighamber………..only wali or Religious scholar may come with Allah’s wil……n thy cant make ny claims abt themselves ppl give them dat status due to their religious knowledge n piety After Muhammad PBUH no one cam make any claims abt himself dat im this or im dat……dat is wat Muslims all over world believe……….

    • hi samreen and all others interested.
      first of all thank u for all ur kind words. saying we are ur brothers and saying u condemn these acts of terror and u r appalled shocked and saddened by what is being done to our country by terrorists. i am so proud today to be an ahmedi muslim pakistani.

      let me explain briefly.
      we beleive in kahtm-e-nabuwat. we beleive hadhrat mohammaed (PBUH) was the seal of all prophets. we also beleive as do most other muslim sects be they sunni etc..that a reformer, a mehdi as meant to come at a time when the world was badly troubled and the iman of the muslims was under attack. now therein lies a small difference. we beleive that reformer, that mehdi, that repeater of the message has already come in the person of mirza ghulam ahmad, most oter muslim sects beleive the reformer is yet to come and will most likely be jesus (hazrat eesah, pbuh).
      we beleive in all the same prophets, the same quran, the same qibla the same kalmas, the same namaz, word to word.
      we popogate no hatred no denouncing of anyone as infidel. many also beleive that we have bestowed prophethood upon other spiritual leaders such as budha etc. this is not kufr. infat many sufis have declared that ppl such as gautum budh received divine messages from God when they went in search of enlightenment. we merely accept that.
      there are countless other heretics, claiming to be the messiah with thier faces showing on the moon,no doubt some of u have seen th advert on facebook. why isnt anyone shouting infidel infidelto him. there are other sects practising in pakistan and abroad, muslims, who declare thier leaders to be prophets and refer to them as hadhrat and almost worship them. why doesnt anyone find that wierd. i do not. i respect anyone whomever it may be whose beleiefs may be different than mine but as long as he beleives in God and all his prphets and his holy books, be they the torah or the bible.i accept them as people of faith. we all have faith of some kind or the other.
      lets talk, lets broaden our horizons, lets learn more. lets not be afraid to ask questions. lets not e quick to judge and assume and stop our children, families and ourselves from associating with each other. we are not magicians or brainwashers as u may have been led to think. neitehr are u. we are not infidels. neither are u. we are not wajibul qatal. neither are u. we are not agents of the CIA or america or europe, neither are u. we are all common ppl…with a common country….with a common history…we are one and the same. do not forget this.
      love for all, hatred for none

      • The article as well as all the comments here are missing one simple truth that merely after 40 years of the passing away of the Prophet (pbuh) muslims started to fight amongst themselves and continue to fight today. It does not matter whether the difference in faith is minor or major. Somehow all believers think that their own faith is pure and somehow cannot stand the differences. Some simply argue, others denounce publicly and still others attack with lethal force. None of this is acceptable civil recourse.
        For the past few years, the massacres happening in Pakistan cannot simply be explained away by religious differences and must be condemned by all human beings. The radicals, bent upon killing themselves and others, have a sinister ideology. From time to time they do target the minorities, but they are not necessarily against a particular sect. In fact by now, there is hardly any one in Pakistan who is not directly or indirectly affected adversely by these killers.
        The loss by Ahmadis is indeed egregious and is shared by all the Pakistanis. The bias and prejudice in Pakistan appears to be of an extreme nature to us. In fact it is universal. It is found to be less prevalent in western societies because of literacy and general well being.
        Our main goal should be improving the education standards and the well being of all Pakistanis. Sectarian and communal rivalries will dissipate gradually.
        There is absolutely no chance of repealing the laws against Ahmadis until the whole society becomes tolerant, and humane. Until then at least the educated Pakistanis must take a stand against any written or verbal comments that they witness. Allah has a great reward for those who stand by the weak and the oppressed.

    • Dear Bro. Samreen, assalam alaykum warahmatullai. Ahmadis are muslims just likr the Sunnis, Wahabi and the rest. The differences lies in our believe that just as God speaks in the past, HE still continue and will insha Allah continue to hear and answer. But no other lawbearing prophet will come but follower prophet will always come.

  108. if i could apologize on behalf of the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ i would, but i cant coz the republic doesnt even want to, because this Islamic Republic has forgotten an important lesson Islam teaches us and that is the freedom to practise our religion and beliefs.
    So i can only apologize on my own for the pain you are feeling at the loss of not just yours but our brethren.
    And i can only promise that making you feel like an outcast would never be something we would do, please dont judge us all due to laws set by dictators

  109. I am Ahmadi. We are extremly sad at our loss. I am very grateful to all of you who have extended their condolences to us. Its good to know that there are still some people in pakistan who think like humans. I can only pray for my beloved country. alot has happened in past against ahmadis but what happened today, crossed all limits. We leave it for Allah to decide. We pray that he doesnt come down too hard on Pakistan but sorts out the ones who are out to destroy our country and us. I pray for the brothers i lost today and for you all who share our grief. I am a muslim and i am an Ahmadi. .

  110. Wajahat,

    Thank you for providing a forum where I could read the comments of those whom Ahmadis consider their closest companions, fellow Pakistanis. The attack, the hatred, the growing extremism and palpable fear is beginning to get too much. Too much even for those who have always put Pakistan first, no matter what the threat, who have hoped to contribute, no matter how severe the injustice, who have always considered themselves Pakistani, no matter how painful the identity. Too much even for me.

    So should I just walk away? Or will the real Pakistan call me back? I don’t know but at least you and those who commented here are a reason to hope.

  111. Well said – it was a tragic day. I weep for the thousands of innocent Pakistanis who have died because of sheer hatred and terrorism, and I weep for them regardless of their beliefs, race, color or ethnic origin. May Allah give us peace. Ameen

  112. My condolences to the Ahmedia sect. Whole Pakistan is not full of ignorant mullahs, there are people who understand the true spirit of Islam (Salamti / Peace). Islam is tolerant to all beliefs. There is only a small segment of society which is hate monger and sadly they have weapons and foreign sponsors. May Allah give us wisdom and sobriety.
    Who needs facebook to bring bad name to Islam once we have black sheeps amongst us.

  113. I am deeply sorrowed at this unbelievable carnage. There is absolutely no justification for this.

  114. I am not an Ahmadi but death, terrorism, humanity and condolence are universal.

    I am happy, I am ignorant of these sectarian system.

    I don’t have to condole with you as I have the same pain and sadness in my heart as well. They were my


  115. Thank you all for your comments and concern. As a proud Pashtun, raised in the Sunni tradition, schooled privately and fortunate enough to live comfortably, I cannot even begin to imagine the plight of the disenfranchised in Pakistan. But our focus should not just centre on the Ahmadi attacks alone. We have other schisms among us, other divisions which run into deep and dark depths. They demand our focus as well. Though I am not an Ahmadi, today, after observing your insight as well as witnessing the sacrifices of those who died defending those who lived, I can safely stake the claim that We Are All Ahmadis.

    • Following the same logic you would have become Hindu on the day of Mumbai attacks.
      I do not support these kind of killings & I admire everybodys sympathy towards Ahmadis.
      But saying I am Ahmadi today is not right in my dictionary.

      • Don’t forget In Mumbai attack Muslims were also killed, Christians were also killed and so were Jews.. Its sad world

      • Quite frankly i dont think anyone cares about what is right or wronge ‘in your dictionary’ zakir. And for Gods sake, this is so not the appropriate place to state such a useless and inconsiderate comment. Not needed, and certainly not wanted

  116. i hope that soon the world will grow up to live with differences in thoughts of each other and respect those beliefs…after all we are all living in 21st century!

  117. My heart weeps for the innocents who have lost their lives today. And I feel ashamed that in our country we have created an environment in which people can openly call for the murder of Ahmedis, simply because their beliefs differ from that of the majority.

    In a more civilised country, the renowned TV anchor who recently described Ahmedis as “worse than kafirs”, would have been fired from his job. Another anchor – this one of religious programs, no less – would have faced the same fate after saying on air that Ahmedis deserve death for their beliefs. But not in Pakistan, where the majority can lynch minorities and get away with it. And WE call ourselves Muslim with great pride. Shame.

    As for Mr. Abdul Rahim who has commented above, how pathetic that even today, he and of his ilk, cannot stop gloating over what they believe is the “truth”. It is this holier-than-thou attitude that has brought Pakistan to this pass, where we are judge, jury and executioner all in one, rather than leaving these decisions for Almighty Allah to make.

  118. Dear Khan,

    My condolences to the Ahmedia sect. I want to tell them that Pakistan is full of savages. These savages are indoctrinated, they cannot be argued or be reasoned with. They don’t know why they are doing it, but they will keep on doing it. After all, our ruling elite needed zombies to help us attain the strategic depth. The depth where we could hide our nuclear arsenal. But that depth needed some blood for our newly adopted pets. That was wiered but that’s how we defined the chemistry of our new savage pets. Not for a moment our ruling elite ( read Establishment ) had to sweat over the thought. They knew their was some cheap blood available. The blood of Shias, Christians and Ahmedis. Over each spell of blood donation the majority of Pakistanis were fed the loathsome commentaries and the carnage would be trivialized under the guise of ‘sectarianism’.

    The weak political governments were always blind folded. They would be constantlty kepts in a state of insecurity of their own. Constant conspiracies would push the weak governmnets to forge alliances with very those elements who had a blood soaked past. That was the technique adopted for their survival during the temporary spells of democratic governments. The recent Judiciary and media activism is also targetting the moderate forces but at the same time it is acquitting the notorious sectarian criminals. The media plays down the similar unfortunate events and the public opinion is distrated with non-issues. Resulting in a repeitition of similar events. How can we ignore the bloodshed and loss of human life by overbeating corruption scandals. By this I am not favoring any corruption, if their are traces, the culprtits should be prosecuted but no..certainly not at the cost of human life. How can we ignore the massive killings? This ain’t right.

    God help Pakistan

  119. i wish we could give the ahmadi community more than an apology. i pray that we will one day wake up and understand the lives and heartbreak we as ‘acceptable’ Pakistani muslims have caused… till then i proffer my heartfelt condolences and apology.

  120. I’m a Sunni. But today, we are all Ahmadis. We all grieve. And in our grief, we must all stand up as one and say no to this violence, and we must demand that the anti-Ahmadis laws be repealed immediately!

    • dont relate yesterdays sad event with the repelling of anti-ahmadis laws. The organization TTP Punjab wing that claimed the responsibility has a record of killing others too.

      • but you still class them as muslims and ofcourse Ahmadis who recite the same kalimah, read the same Quran and do more for the huminity in the world than your average” musalman” does are not Muslim how ironic.

    • ahmedis who do not believe in the absolute finality of Rasool[saww] have NO right to call themselves muslims. If that is the case, we can all agree on peaceful coexistence.

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  122. My condolences on death of innocent Ahmadi Muslim brothers. Terror and political Islam are destroying humanity. Let us separate religion from politics and state affairs, personal beliefs can not be regulated thats why Prophet Muhammad PBUH himself said ‘no force in religion’.

    My cries with those families who lost 78 innocent citizens of this country….lets change it, lets make it toltrent and friendly as it was in times of Quaid e Azam..lets make another Zafrullah Khan its foreign minister and a land which is for all, not a haven of terror!

    Ahmadi’s are our brothers and subject of this state like us, we shed tears on their loss and are with them in times of grief. Let us unite and make Pakistan a better place. Reject extremism and political gains in name or faith. Lets us turn to innovation, modernity and science.

      • you don’t need to tell us whether or not you think Ahmadis are Muslims or not…. its not your call. you will answer to Allah on the Day of Judgement.

      • Usman sahib, could you please define to us, who is a Muslim? And on what grounds are you allowed to sit in judgment of people who call themselves Muslims, i.e. recite the Kalima, pray, fast, etc.?

        In the very recent attrocities perpetrated by so-called Muslims on a Friday where the victims were praying, it is very interesting to note that these thugs who call others non-Muslims were nowhere preparing for the compulsory Friday prayers but, instead took other Muslims’ lives!

        Is that your version of Islam? How strange!

      • Usman who gave you the right to judge other whether they are what they claim to be. Only Allah knows what a person is and all shall be revealed one day.

      • Ahmadis are not muslims? How do you know? Do you open their hearts or do you have religiometre. I pity your soul because Holy Prophet forebade any muslim from calling another muslim a non-muslim.

        • Please consult ahmadiyaat and than comment..A person who says he’s Ahmadi is still a non-muslim

      • Mr. Usman, you cann’t call yourself a muslim if you call others who call themselves muslims. Ahmadis are muslim because they believe that they are muslims.

        Ahmadis are Muslims By GOD.

  123. May Allah the community the strength to cope with the loss. InshAllah one day this will change! it will HAVE to change!

  124. AA Mr. Khan:

    Although I’m not an Ahmadi …. I’m just a simple Muslim.

    But my hearts weeps ….
    Pakistan bleeds again …my condolences!
    Its really SAD day


      • @ Adil, YOU should have some respect. Re read his statement…he is NOT being disrespectful. He is saying it in the plural form, sir. Some ppl need to calm down. Really.

      • u said it ur self mate
        west thinks exactly like about u just becz of the satements u just made
        have a broad vision pal … dont defame the country for uwn ego …
        if u cannot contribute good just be quite

    • It’s sad to know that the martyr’s who were praying and remembering Allah, are declared non Muslims, yet the cold hearted criminals who killed many innocent servants of Allah can be considered Muslims in Pakistan. Just doesn’t make sense to me. RIP my brothers, you may be gone but you’re sacrifices will never be forgotten.

    • Dear Ahamdi sisters and brothers, Your voices of peace and nonviolence cannot be drowned by such blatant attacks.

    • Mr. Khan your stand is admirable. My bond with Pakistan is because of I am an Ahmadi from Fiji Islands. My heart bleeds and soul weeps for my fellow Pakistani Ahamdis who were savagely killed in the Friday attack- they became “shadeeds” as true Muslims. “Khoon Shahedaane Ummat ka Aye Tang Nazar Rahegaan Kab Gaya Tha Ke Ab Jayegee” Despite the btural killings, I strongly believe in Love for All Hatred for None because I am an Ahmadi.

    • dear ppl…
      we all need to be united and mr.khan am proud of u…
      i wish this msg cud begone to the suking govermentofpakistan & the really jhalat filled qom

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    • The significance of 23 march: (Masih o Maud day) This date is the holly date for we Ahmadis all over the world because hadrat Mirza Ghulam ahmed ,promised masih had taken Bait from 40 Ahmadies on 23 march 1831. Keeping in view of importance of above holly date Anjuman e jamat e ahmadiyya was established on 23 march 1889 and sir zafarulallah khan had fixed the ceremony date of Qaradad e pakistan 0n 23 march 1940 for a Ahmadi pakistan (Bait ul Ahmadiyya) in the world.

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